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The University of Colorado Denver is very much a growing school. Just recently in fact the University celebrated its 40th anniversary of being a 

separate school from the main Boulder campus. Due to this fact a lot of the I&E topics that we are discussing here as University Innovation Fellows are not existent right now and have not been investigated as to their feasibility. Just recently has the University of Colorado Denver thought about the possibility of getting a D-school and many other I&E facilities and programs however they are all still very much in the dreaming stages. However, with this being said as half of our University is a top ten medical school we have a few events that speak towards the I&E minds of our students and staff. One of these events is known as RaCAS or the Research and Creative Activities Symposium. This symposium brings together not only the faculty and staff doing research but also connects them with student researchers as well. This symposium has been something that has occurred for many years however as the symposium continued to grow it started to move to incorporate many different majors and fields of study to show off all


of the projects that are being done all over campus. By incorporating different projects from different areas all of our students got the ability to see projects from biology to music, exposing them to topics that they wouldn’t be generally exposed to in their normal courses. Overall the University of Colorado Denver has a lot of work to do however the administration and other invested partners are very much interested in being able to develop the University and push it to new heights, heights that have never been seen before by such a commuter campus as this one. It is the hope that through this program programs and facilities would be initiated to be able to bring innovation to campus. 

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