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University Innovation Fellow: Tyler Salem (founder of Care Capture Inc.)

Tyler's Landscape Analysis (Presentation Summary):

Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI):

  • Section of UCF Business School that organizes all programs and classes related to entrepreneurship- the “hub of all things entrepreneurial”.
  • CEI hosts speaker series related to entrepreneurship every 2-3 weeks.
  • CEI hosts two spring events: Elevator Pitch competition ($5000 prize) and Business Plan Competition ($25000 prize).
  • Tyler has participated in the Business Plan Competition over the past two years, and he has seen several companies get started because of the prize funding.


Academic programs for entrepreneurship:

  • UCF has a number of relevant engineering and STEM programs that encourage entrepreneurship.
  • UCF has a minor, a certificate program, and a graduate program in entrepreneurship. There is no UCF entrepreneurship major.


Other UCF opportunities for entrepreneurs:

  • CEO Club- Tyler is a part of this community.
  • Engineers Without Borders, Robotics Club, and several programming clubs exist on campus with the potential for pivoting towards tech entrepreneurship.
  • UCF has an Angel network for funding local and student startups.
  • UCF does not yet have pairings with local startups for internship opportunities, etc.