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The University of California Riverside is one of the 9 UC campuses. It prides itself in holding not only diversity of backgrounds but also diversity in research and innovation. Despite being one of the youngest UC campus, the faculty and students have shown and proven that UC Riverside has the ability to innovate. Check out our landscape canvas and synthesis.

Cross Campus Entrepreneurs (CCE)

CCE is a student-run organization at UC Riverside which was established to support student innovation. The resources offered by the school and community were not well laid out or even known so CCE was created to help facilitate students with the resources they need. The organization also aims to teach their members through workshops in pitching, business modeling, design thinking, and lean startup.

School of Business Administration Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

The School of Business Administration (SoBA) currently holds an annual, one-day workshop called Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. During the 10-long event, participants learn entrepreneurship fundamentals in a seminar-style environment. Additionally, the students engage in a variety of activities to foster soft-skills, creative thinking, and team development.  Subsequently, the participants form into teams and have around three hours to ideate, conduct market research, and develop a business plan. The event culminates in a pitch competition judged by business professors, deans, and the visiting speakers. Small prizes are given to the winning team and all students receive a certificate of participation. This event is restricted to students enrolled in SoBA.

Student Entrepreneurship

Many students don't know of the resources the university or community offers. There are, be it limited, resources to support students from idea creation to full commercialization.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship Business Course

This course covers the nature of entrepreneurship and its role in the economy. Topics include identifying and evaluating business opportunities, creating a team, and acquiring financial and other necessary resources. This class is restricted to students majoring in Business or Economics.

Creat'R Lab

The development of the Creat'R Lab which is slated for Winter 2017 aims to provide students a space for innovation by providing resources from craft supplies to heavy machinery.The maker space will encompass severalrooms in the Science Library on campus and will be available to the entire student body. The UC Riverside Innovation Fellows along with several student and administrative organization have been participating in an ongoing dialogue to ensure that the Creat'R Lab meets the expectations of the students.

Faculty Entrepreneurship

UC Riverside is one of the best public research universities in the United States. All facultyarerequired to conduct research and teach as a secondary function.

Research and Economic Development Center

The emphasis on research has lead to many examples of professors commercializing their research with the help of the university's Research and Economic Development (RED) Center. RED supports both faculty and students in securing funding, executing market research, facilitating intellectual property protection, and more.

Technology Transfer

UC Riverside Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) The cutting edge research that is being conducted at UC Riverside produces many patentable innovations. The OTC performs marketable research on the generated intellectual property (IP) and determines appropriate companies to license the technology to. 

University and Industry Collaboration

The Research and Economic Development (RED) department has hired a new Associate Vice Chancellor of Technology Partnership with the directive of reaching out to local companies and strengthening the existing ties. There are several programs beginning to be set up to provide internships for the student body to work at local companies. The staff at RED has also been recruiting local entrepreneurs to serve as mentors for student research and senior design projects and to guide entrepreneurial efforts. A Riverside Toolkit is also in development which will provide participating groups access to reduced cost or free services from the community. 

Regional and Local Economic Development

The local community has begun to get heavily involved with innovation and entrepreneurship, and have been reaching out to incorporate the local universities into the process. At the moment there is

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