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University Innovation Fellow: Alexandra Halbeck

Alexandra Halbeck's Landscape Analysis (Presentation Summary)

Academic Programs

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership program: five course minor for leadership and mentality of entrepreneurship

Student Initiatives

  • Tufts Entrepreneurial Society- educate and foster sense of entrepreneurial community
  • Tufts Engineering Clubs- build, invent, create, discuss, and imagine
  • Tufts Venture Fund- connect businesspeople with skilled technical students
  • Tufts Students- “The Real Entrepreneurs”
  • Hoping to create more of an entrepreneurial culture moving forward

School Resources

  • Experienced professors and advisory board of non-professors to advise student startup initiatives
  • $100 K Business Plan and Social Entrepreneurship competitions- very popular, but lacks follow-up on startup progress after competition ends
  • Many internship and fellowship opportunities available, but students don’t know about them