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San Francisco State University Culture

Students at San Francisco State University (Gators as we are called) are a unique breed. Our campus has rich history of activism and diversity that remains alive today. We are often thought of as a commuter campus but do have a small, active on campus student life. We live in a part of the world that cares a lot about sustainability, being "green," social/public benefit, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

On Campus Innovation and Entrepreneurship Environment

Current State

Innovation and entrepreneurship resources exist almost entirely in the classroom with a focus almost exclusively on academics. There is no creative learn-by-doing approach available to students. What is available is limited, both intentionally and unintentionally, to business students. The broader picture of innovation and entrepreneurship is never realized as it remains contained in a limited set of single semester courses. Various innovation and entrepreneurship organizations appear to exist or have tried to exist but have had little sustaining success. This should not be confused with lack of student need or interest – in fact, there seems to be immense need and interest.

Current Resources

List of courses and organizations, viewable in Landscape Canvas.

Faculty Vs Student Led Entrepreneurship

All known entrepreneurship that has existed at San Francisco State University has been faculty led, often with students are involved. An example of this is, a professor applying for a grant to start a project, hiring some students to participate and then deciding to keep the project going as a startup. In this case the students joined a professor's project.

Envisioned Future State

Innovation and entrepreneurship resources are available to all students across disciplines both inside and outside the classroom in both academic and creative learn-by-doing approaches. Stronger community partnerships will be formed to utilize and connect to the vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship environment surrounding the campus. This future state will be student-led.

Local Community Innovation and Entrepreneurship Environment

San Francisco State University sits in one of the capitals of the world for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. There are many organizations to reach out to and with such a broad selection, some partners will be able to be found to fill in resource gaps lacking on campus.

The Landscape Canvas

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