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Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is an engineering school with approximately 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Located in Terre Haute, IN, Rose-Hulman provides a variety of clubs and coursework promoting innovative solutions. Although innovation is integrated into the culture of Rose-Hulman, entrepreneurship is beginning to create a presence on campus.

"I think that this school encourages professionalism and self drive, but not entrepreneurship exactly. I think that this school focuses on getting students ready to become innovators, but doesn't give them the skills to embody the mentality of an entrepreneur through classes.Not so say that some students aren't entrepreneurs, but that they gain this through their own accord."

- R.H.I.T. Computer Science Software Engineer, Junior

Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

RISE Rose Innovative Student Entrepreneurs is a new addition to the Rose-Hulman community. The club has sparked entrepreneurship within the students, making those interested more aware of opportunities.

When asking a student at Rose-Hulman how he thought the presence of entrepreneurship was on campus, he responded with the following quote: "As for the entrepreneurship topic, the only thing I've seen present is RISE and I'm in the same fraternity as one of the guys who started it, so I probably heard about it more than others. I haven't participated in that though so I can't really speak about it." -R.H.I.T. Electrical Engineering, Junior

Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Faculty are encouraged to teach and educate at Rose-Hulman. Many teachers' focus is teaching and having long office hours for students to come in and ask questions. Professors are highly involved in extra-curricular activities that support promoting innovation. A few examples of these extra-curricular activities are Human Power Vehicle Team, Rose-Hulman Efficient Vehicle Team, Concrete Canoe Club, Grand Prix Competition, and Robotics Team.

University Technology Transfer Function

Branham Innovation Center The Branham Innovation Center (BIC) provides a machine shop, welding station, conference rooms, and innovation space for teams to work and construct projects. The building is not available to students that are not on these teams and self-projects are not permitted.

Rose-Hulman Ventures

Rose-Hulman Ventures provides internship experience for students year-round. The internships are focused on enhancing students' problem solving skills. The facility has a wet lab, fabrication shop, welding station, and software available. Students are encouraged to pursue self-projects with the approval of a project manager.

"We have people at Ventures working on cool projects and programs, and a lot of our engineering curriculum focuses on problem solving and thinking a few steps ahead of the game. I've heard a bit about entrepreneurship, and there are probably a few classes devoted to the entrepreneurial spirit, but I don't see that stressed as much as innovation." -R.H.I.T. Chemical Engineer, Senior

John T. Myers Research Center for Technological Research with Industry

Myers is available to all students who have classes in specified rooms or permission of faculty. This research facility has the MiNDS (Micro-Nano Device and Systems) Lab, Bio-mechanical Lab, 3D printing available, and a variety of other labs for courses. A formal presentation room is available for research symposiums and speaker series.

University-Industry Collaboration

TEDxRose-Hulman has just started at Rose-Hulman during October 2013. It has encouraged innovation and spreading ideas. The presenter line-ups fascinate and delight guests, with mind-blowing technology demos, captivating talks, and stirring musical performances.

There is collaboration with major companies to advocate innovation on campus. Multiple competition teams find funding from such companies. These companies also provide as a source of financial support for student innovation at Rose-Hulman. Arcelor Mittal Arcelor Mittal is the largest steel manufacturer in the world. The company heavily recruits at Rose-Hulman for interns and workers. The company also supports the Independent Project/ Research Opportunities Program. IP/ROP is designed to help a student and a faculty member tackle special projects outside the required curriculum. This opportunity will provide connections between all the courses and labs, and enable students to tackle tough problems with confidence. This company has a strong presence at career fairs.


Siemens, the renowned technology company, gifted Rose-Hulman with over $27.8 in a software grant for Rose-Hulman. The company supports the Micro-Nano Device and Systems Lab located in Meyers Research Center. The company also supports Robotics Teams, and has a strong presence at career fairs for future internships and job opportunities.

Other Companies

General Motors, GM, a well-known car manufacturer, provides sponsorship for a multitude of innovation teams such as Grand Prix.

Alcoa, Clean Cities - U.S. Department of Energy, Allison Transmission, Duke Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, Freescale semiconductor, Enerdel, National Science Foundation, MathWorks, ON Semiconductor, U.S. Department of Energy, Remy, Woodward, and Stant are also strategic partners for funding and sponsorship.

Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has a good relationship with large engineering companies and government organizations. Rose-Hulman provides excellent opportunities for careers, with over 2,000 employees, part-time and full-time from the surrounding region. Rose-Hulman volunteers also provide services for parks and trails on a semi-annual basis. Rose-Hulman has recently built a new residence hall, creating jobs within the local community. This coming year, the prospect of new roads and buildings will be initiated and constructed. These buildings will fuel new jobs in the area. Rose-Hulman holds many cultural events on campus through the Performing Arts Series at Hatfield Hall. World-renowned performers, such as the Russian Ballet, have performed at this venue. This revenue adds to the prosperity of the community.

Landscape Analysis

2013-present University Innovation Fellow: Katelyn Stenger
2012-2013 University Innovation Fellow: Wilson Kurian

Wilson Kurian's Landscape Analysis (Presentation Summary)

Academic Programs

  • The Entrepreneur course with Thomas Mason (only entrepreneurship class)

Student Initiatives

  • RISE: Rose Innovative Student Entrepreneurs (only entrepreneurship student group)
    • Closely coupled with Department of Engineering Management
    • Innovation Expo with speakers, presentations, and network building
    • Advised by William Kline, experienced entrepreneur
    • Problem solving initiatives: hackathons, pitch meetings, innovation tournaments
    • Incubator initiative: rapid prototyping, venture funding, networking

School Resources

  • Support from Mechanical, Civil, and Software Engineering Departments

Landscape Canvas

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