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Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship Initiative
  • Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO)
  • Engineering Entrepreneurs Program
  • Entrepreneurs Marketing the Arts

The Entrepreneurship Initiative (EI) at NC State was formed In July 2008 in response to the Chancellor’s call to "develop an educated and entrepreneurial work force." By organizing and energizing its entrepreneurial efforts through the Initiative, NC State hopes to provide a comprehensive springboard for ideas, projects, and partnerships.  The EI has a variety of ways to get involved from the EI Garage and Student Network group to entrepreneurial thinking courses and local tours.

NCSU CEO is the student run NC State chapter of CEO. The events and activities are designed to empower and engage students through Networking, Competitions, and experienced Speakers.  They hold biweekly student meetings with entreprenuerial speakers.</span>

The Engineering Entrepreneurs Program (EEP) is a 2-semester new product or service design sequence with the first semester weighted toward product definition and high-level design, and the second weighted toward the actual implementation of the product or service defined and designed in the first semester. Students in the EEP create and work as eTeam (entrepreneurship team) on their product or service.  This course serves as an alternative to traditional Engineering Senior Design.

Entrepreneurs Marketing the Arts (EMA) is an independent student organization at NC State University that seeks to bridge the gap between arts and business. EMA seeks to aid student ventures, expand and engage the local creative community, and provide resources and opportunities for student artists. They strive to present a practical approach to creating, selling, and performing art.

Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Fast 15
  • Institute for Emerging Issues
  • Advanced Self Powered Systems of Sensors and Technologies Center
  • Center for Comparative Medicine & Translational Research
  • Small Business and Technology Development Center
  • William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
  • The Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management Systems Center
  • Center for Innovation Management Systems
  • Power Electronics National Manufacturing Innovation Institute
  • Technology Incubator at Centennial Campus

University Technology Transfer

  • Technology Incubator at Centennial Campus
  • Chancellor's Innovation Fund
  • Office of Technology Transfer

University-Industry Collaboration

  • Centennial Campus Partners
  • Engineering Senior Design
  • Career Fairs
  • Strong co-op programs

Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts

  • Research Triangle Park
  • Local Incubators and Accelerators
  • Coworking Spaces
  • Innovation Raleigh

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