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Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Arizona State University recently adopted a set of guiding design aspirations to thrust ASU into the future as a prominent innovation and entrepreneurship institution. These aspirations, in conjunction with programming and new facilities geared to engaged every student more fully in an interconnected community of innovators, are called the New American University at ASU. Highlighting entrepreneurship, ASU has many venture catalyst opportunities including the Edson Ventures program at the Skysong campus, the Fulton Ventures program at the Tempe campus, and several Changemaker Central workspaces and programs across four campuses. Additional programming is added each year to increase ASU's capacity to foster new student startups. In 2012 Skysong's Edson Ventures program accepted 20 student startups. In 2013, Skysong introduced the Great Little Companies Network to more than double the number of startups going through Skysong each year. All of these programs provide financial support, mentorship, and inclusion in a large network of industry partners.

In addition to structured and financially backed venture catalyst programming, ASU offers several majors, minors, certificates and classes on innovation and entrepreneurship throughout all academic disciplines. On the Tempe campus, the most offerings for innovation and entrepreneurship stem from Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and the W.P Carey School of Business. On the Polytechnic campus, the College of Technology and Innovation expands upon and combines similar programming as the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering and the the W.P Carey School of Business

Past Edson Ventures student startups include:

G3Box - a company which designs and produces mobile maternity clinics in shipping containers - this project started through a freshman level introduction to Engineering course called Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS).

FlashFood Recovery - An app that allows for the speedy recovery and redistribution of food which would normally go to waste.

Faculty Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Faculty innovation and entrepreneurship on ASU's Tempe campus is highly encouraged and well supported.  Faculty members with experience as successful entrepreneurs are involved with the innovation and entrepreneurial education of students, passing along their skills and insights.

ASU recently received the Most Promising Technology Based Economic Initiative from the State Science and Technology Institute.  This recognition focuses on the resources and programming that the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG) has made available to the ASU community. Through EIG and Arizona Technology Enterprises, ASU offers mentorships, legal council regarding Intellectual Property management, venture catalyst funding (up to $100,000), and grant writing support.  

University Technology Transfer Function

Arizona State University facilitates technology licensing and transfer through their Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development.

The Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development offers these services:

Proposal and Award assistance - help with managing and proposing large projects, assistance finding research help, and grant and proposal writing assistance.

Industry Partnerships and Technology Transfer - assistance filing a patent, establishing a license agreement, forming a startup company, and networking with industry partners.

Funding - A wealth of information on available funding, as well as partnership opportunities between the other two state funded universities, University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University.

Innovation Space - Assistance with finding adequate facilities to complete projects.

The Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development can be found here:

University-Industry Collaboration

Regional and Local Economic Development Efforts

ASU's Skysong facility has generated over $460 million in economic activity for the combined Phoenix-Tempe area since it was established in 2007. Primary industry connections are facilitated and incubated at the Skysong campus.

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