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Comment: A Makeathon is a very nice activity! It often helps people to become creative with objects they would usually not work with to develop solutions. One part of organizing a Makeathon that is often quite difficult is choosing the task to be executed. It needs to be interesting enough for people to participate but not too complex to make the task seem impossible. Would it be an idea to link records of organized Makeathons to this page as a source of inspiration? This could also be used as an evaluation to learn from each other what did and did not work.


I think this is a great idea. It doesn't require many resources which is great due to the current circumstances around the world. I also appreciate the last section. I think it is great to give people guidance on how to pursue their passions! Thank you for this resource!

Who's ready to try it?

Thank you! Loved the material, I hope I can organize a makeathon in the future. It's a great concept and a fun way to work on great ideas.

Lovely Idea

I think this is a really great idea, not only do you hone their design thinking and critical thinking skill to acquire the solution for their problem. But you also make a chance for people with various background and knowledge come together as a team here. The idea is great but I want to ask more about this. 1. What exactly do they need to create in this case? I haven't get a clear vision of what they can make to fulfill their goal with the materials provided. 2. Is there any training with the tools provided? at least the basic stuff until they got the hang of it. 3. Is your makeathon a great success? If so can you share more about your event such as the schedule, feedback from participants, how many people come to this event, and so on