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This article is very important to me as Iona is a small campus and there have been difficulties engaging with students on campus. This article gave me a lot of tips for going forward and I hope to be able to initiate these tactics onto our own campus so we can get more students involved in entrepreneurship and innovation at Iona. I would love to receive more tips about how to engage students who seem to just be disinterested with clubs/academic advancement as a whole which sometimes I feel on Iona's campus.

Awareness Sessions

It is awareness session that creates a greater impact. It is the responsibility of all the stakeholders to groom the students and to foster the innovation culture. The world is dynamic and the changes that are happening around will influence new trends. The authorities will have to take up the major responsibility of engaging students in the innovation activities and to give an impetus to the entire ecosystem. Such kind of innovative and enthused campus transforms to be a pivotal center in the entire community and lead the changes. To bring the change impact, the students should get committed and they have to participate enthusiastically in all the learning activities. The involvement of the faculty, the curiosity of the students and the commitment for growth from that of the management shifts the paradigm. The campus beams with activities and students get inspired. It is the duty of all stakeholders to involve actively in the campus related activities and provide quality education to the global citizens.

Small Campus Engagement

I found this article to be very useful. Loyola University is a relatively smaller school, so I could envision using these tips and tactics to help. I think our biggest issue is not that many students know about innovation and entrepreneurship and its importance, so these tips could be very useful for my school. I think a good think about smaller campuses that is noted in this piece is that face to face interactions are very feasible and useful. I believe that could be one of the most useful tips in order to spread awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship on this campus.

As a marketing major, this article was very useful for me. I go to Iona College, and our student population is fairly small. I like how the suggestions were focused on how to better the school's community and tackle some of the ongoing problems on campus. Every school has things that need to change, and the workshops make it easier to get to the bottom of those problems. Now that covid has settled a little bit, in person conversation is going to become one of the most important ways of engaging other students, and this article gave some tips on how to get the conversation going. -Leah


What stands out to me in this excerpt is the reiteration that I&E is not only for business students. This truly changes the way I think about engaging on a small campus now and being able to empathize with other disciplines to elevate I&E respectively.

Student engagement on a small campus

Hello, I found this source very informative because it gives simple actions that can be taken to increase student engagement. This will be useful for my team because we have not created a club on campus before, so I think the first point of getting people apart of the school onboard is crucial because not only does it give your plan support, but it gives you the confidence of knowing that people believe in you.