Resource talk:How to Plan a Large Scale Event

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Thank you guys for an amazing "How To" guide! Your information is really useful and sums up the most important steps and aspects!

A possible addition could be to include communication. Organizing a big event with loads of engaged and motivated people makes communicating transparently difficult and should be laid emphasis on. Thus, keeping volunteers informed easily through slack or another chat system not only allows you to keep everyone updated but also to quickly be notified about recent changes you have to adapt to.

Personally, I also like to create a timeline prior to the event and hang it up in the office (or virtually, of course). This enables all teammates to have an overview of the next steps at any point in time :) Furthermore, you can use this after the event to improve time management skills by evaluating the planned and actual time.

Resource talk:How to Plan a Large Scale Event

I really enjoyed reading your 'How to' guide! I especially agree with the part about how important it is to ask for feedback during (and before and after) the event from people that went to the event or helped. In this way next editions can continue to improve the layout of the event. From personal experience I've noticed that during new editions of events situations could sometimes have been prevented if the transfer of information about previous events had been executed better and more precisely. Therefore it could be a good idea to sit down with possible predecessors and listen to their tips and tricks before the real organizing begins for the committee.

Resource talk: How to Plan a Large Scale Event

I really enjoyed reading this how-to page. I have been a part of large scale events before, but wanted to see what suggestions that would be in this article that I have not already tried, and some of these suggestions, like making lists and asking for feedback, are things that I will keep in mind in the future. Thank you!