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I agree meeting regularly is important for mentee/mentor relationships. I think asking your faculty allies for funding or connections is genius, once you have built a relationship between the two of you. The first step for me to follow this how-to guide is to put time into researching who I want my faculty connections to be. I should start soon, especially with UIF as motivation. -Katherine King

Reinvent the Learning Wheel

Awesome idea. I am impressed by all the suggestions. Changes do not come just like that, instead we have to initiate. May be we are Prof or students, it doesn't matter. All that we have to do is to get connected with the ecosystem we have entered in. The ecosystem is our community and from it we have to learn. If we don't develop that networking our learning wheel never ever propels. Nevertheless, we just draw within ourselves. Let us carefully observe the people around, take the initiative to connect, and keep up the commitments and learn without inhibitions. Drop the judgements, open up to the resources around, the best resource is your learned friend, philosopher, guide and the mentor of you. As per Bandura's Social Learning Theory select your role model and imbibe the best qualities which take you forward towards professional growth and intellectual progress. Open-mindedness, positive attitude set you apart and seriously you can make difference. Thanks to the author, his suggestions are viable, adaptable and valuable. Vijaya Lakshmi

Learning the Process

I found this really intresting not only because it introduces a fundamental Step in the process of a project, but also because it gives you tips to relate with people that will hear you, help you and be there if you need anything. It also validates your project in a way as they are an authority. Developing a meaningful group of people will definetly be the key element to enjoy the process. I chooses this how to because I think good personal relationships can make the difference in the way we develop as a fellow, without teamwork we can´t do anything.

- Sofía Carballo -