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Welcome to the University Innovation Wiki! This is a place to publish research about your campus innovation ecosystem, share ideas, resources and projects. Student Contributors are University Innovation Fellows.

Editing and updating a wiki may be a little bit tricky at first. You can find written directions on how to use here, or view the video tutorials below. It will take a few attempts before you become comfortable with the wiki format. If you have any additional questions, please email us,

Video Tutorials to Get Your Started

How to Create an Account

How to Upload Files/Photos

How to Create a Student Contributor Profile

If you have questions or need technical assistance, please contact us,

Cheat Sheet for Codes 

For embedding interactive elements, you need to use a widget called a MediaWiki. Below are the codes you need to embed a Prezi or SlideShare presentation, or YouTube video. You will enter the MediaWiki through the 'Show WikiTextEditor' (the link is right above this box). One great thing about a wiki is that you can borrow code from others. By following the 'edit' link on any page, you can go into the 'WikiTextEditor' to copy/paste the code for the page you are populating with information.

For Prezi: {{#Widget:Prezis| }}

  • After the line, and before the }} brackets, enter 'id=' followed by the unique the combination of letters/numbers.

For SlideShare: {{#widget:SlideShare | |width=425 |height=348 }}

  • In the empty space after SlideShare and before width, enter 'doc=' followed the unique combination of letters/numbers.

For YouTube: {{#Widget:Youtube|}}

  • After the line and before the }} brackets, enter 'id=' followed the unique combination of letters/numbers.

Categorizing Your Page

Use double brackets [[ ]]. Between them, type Category with a colon --> [[Category:]].

Additional Tips

  1. Shift+Return = one line spacing
  2. Return = double line spacing
  3. When wanting to list items using numbers (such as this list) make sure to click numbered bulleted option before typing; unlike MS Word, a wiki will not create a numbered list automatically.