Resource:The Four Strategies of University of the Virgin Island's Innovative Ecosystem

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Strategy 1

Tactic 1

Library RenovationIntroducing student space for collaboration and prototyping 

  • Whiteboard Paint
  • Mini cubicles (personalized workspace)
  • Introduce Apple computers
  • Microsoft Live (virtualization of ideas)

Renovating the underutilized center for student success room in the library to include more rolling white boards (mobile furniture is currently available in the space) would provide a visual representation of student ideas and projects. This would be a small investment and could be considered a short term goal. 

Tactic 2

Developing A Student Space : Makerspace (long - term goal)

A maker space equip with fast prototyping machines would give students the opportunity to produce tangible goods that started as a concept. This project would increase the interest of all students particularly Science and Math students. However, an investment in this project has the ability to serve as a student ran enterprise.  a creative space where kids and teens are immersed in state of the art digital technologies, from Virtual Reality Video Game Design to 3D Printing. A maker space encourages creativity with technology, enabling our members to develop proficiencies in a sampling of the very latest hardware and software available. We could give them both the tools and the knowledge to explore and master important new skills that traditional schools aren’t able to offer.    

​Strategy 2

Curriculum Development

Introducing Design Thinking and Innovation

  • Certification/ Summer Program
  • Work with College of Business
  • Cater to a specific pool of people

Strategy 3

Business Alliance

Reach out to current alumni

  • Increase alumni presence and build mentorship network
  • Observation Courses (observe alumnis in businesses and industry)
  • Alumni abroad or alumni at-home

​Strategy 4

Reframing the value of Innovation and Entrepreneurship on campus

  • Improvements to office technology
  • Seminars on IP Rights
  • Workshops on grant writing for students

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