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Social Entrepreneurship Society is the place where volunteers collaborate to connect the innovative ideas of people with the society by raising the funds.  Its main objective is to help the society.  


Social Entrepreneurship society has the capability to solve the problems in our society like

  • Food and Water scarcity
  • Unemployment
  • Lack of Education
  • Safety and Security
  • Pollution
  • Health and Fitness

what not, it can solve any crucial problem in our society if implemented with a correct passion.  


Initiation is the key for any successful event.  Not everyone in this world has the courage to initiate a movement.  A person who has the real passion in solving a problem can be a successful initiator.  Society requires a group of like minded people with same passion towards some problem.  Such people communicate among themselves to decide the ways of initiating such startups for the society.    They start increasing their network using the possible ways of communication.Some start educating the people by traveling to different places and conducting workshops.  While others use social media to promote and share their ideas.  However, finding the investors is the main challenge who give the birth to innovative ideas.  


Creating awareness plays a vital role in implementing the start-ups.  It can be done by illustrating the people, about the problems faced by the society and solutions that have been developed earlier(if any).  So that the creative people will get innovative ideas and come up with the solutions for the problems they were given.  As the main motto of such events is to gather ideas, the volunteers should focus on getting a large number of best possible solutions.  It can be done by attracting the audience and allowing them to compete in an innovative way, such as providing vouchers, gifts and cash prizes to the best solution provided for a problem.  The business tycoons(generally in the local area) who are interested in hiring such innovative thoughts and do start-ups using them are the invitees.  Finding the best solution among them is critical too.          


The main aim of conducting such events is  

  • To ensure team coordination.
  • To motivate the peers to actively come forward with their ideas.
  • To create awareness among the public.
  • To identify the best ideas.  
  • To promote these events in the social networks or using the press.


The volunteers who get involved in the Social Entrepreneurship Society may face difficulties like

  • Managing the time.
  • Investing the money.
  • Being loyal with peers.
  • Searching for the investors to get funded.


Social Entrepreneurship Society is the best way to address start-ups by making some efforts.  Students can be the best initiators to help their society using innovative ideas.  Students can conduct many events for gathering the possible fellows to get innovative ideas.  As students are the change makers they can connect those ideas with the society to help people.  The awareness created among people will also get promoted and the society will be benefited.

Written by

Vijay KanupuriVinod Kumar Kolla