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Fall 2018 Strategic Priorities

Strategy #1: Introducing clubs

We propose basic clubs which are currently lacking in our institution, like English club, coding club, design thinking courses, cultural clubs. Club membership will allow students to continue some of your interests and hobbies that they had in high school. Being in a club is a nice extracurricular activity outside of class and it looks good on resume. It may allow them access to different types of resources or even field trips. Students can explore their interests in a hobby they’ve always wanted to try or learn more about. We plan to implement it by working along with faculty and management to find a feasible time for running of the clubs, and planning out course structures.

Outcome: Students get relaxed after long day at college. The basic skills required as engineers, like communication skills, coding skills, creativity, are improved.

Strategy #2: Industry-Institute connect

Through the program, the students get to know how technology is getting updated and what next Generation is demanding. We are going to implement it by collaborating with companies. We will know their needs through a series of interaction sessions. Also bringing the industry managers to college will bring awareness among the students. Through internship fairs we plan to provide students with internships. We will be using the TV5 college connect program, which is a government of Andhra Pradesh initiative, to achieve this.

Outcome: To update the skills as per the technology demands and knowing the real time problems will promote their innovative and entrepreneur qualities through work experience.

Strategy #3: Green Campus

Green campus inspired from our prime minister call, swachh bharat which brings awareness among the students regarding cleaning and management of waste produced. Why green campus? Our aim is to develop a green campus by minimizing the waste and its proper disposal and implementing rain water harvesting method. By making students a part of this project, it will improve sense of responsibility towards nature and society among the students. We are going to implement it by first conducting a survey in our college to estimate the amount of waste produced which can be recycled and reused. Based on the result we interact with the students over the chances of wastage reduction. Also encourage students to brainstorm ideas for disposal and reduction of this waste not only in college but also in the surrounding housing areas. With help of NSS team in our college we plan to involve students in cleaning our campus. Water harvesting pits to collect rain water should be implemented and also regular checking of the pits has to be done so that no other waste collects there.

Outcome: It creates a feeling of responsibility in students towards society which is one of the important qualities for an entrepreneur.

Strategy #4: Health care management

Health care management is a profession that provides leadership to deliver personal health services. It is a program of organizing health awareness camps and providing health care facilities.Why Health care? As we know many of the students are suffering with the physical as well as mental problems which will have impact on their studies. This health care teaches a student to improve in physical, mental, social health. This program will make the students to get good mental health which in turn develop their creative thinking. We are going to implement it by collaborating with Care N Grow which is a health care organization whose mission is to enable healthy growth of children to build robust communities, healthier nations; augment well-being of humanity by inculcating healthy and positive habits in children. By conducting health awareness programs we plan to make students take up a healthy lifestyle. By conducting medical caps for continuous monitoring of heaths of students we plan to keep record of their progress. By conducting yoga classes we are going to stabilize their minds from their tensions and emotions.

Outcome: As health is primary for all our achievements and success, So with this program we make the students healthy and bring progress in all area and to make a holistic development in their lives. Also once the health concern is done away with, students can concentrate more on utilising the opportunities before them.

Written By:

Krishna Vardhan, Srinika Gottumukkala, Yasaswini Vedula, Benita Joshua

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