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Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology and Research University is a private University in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India. It believes in Building Skill India. It supports its students in every move of theirs and thereby contributes in paving a successful career path for them. It has a remarkable innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. This varsity has several research centers and lab spaces which were set up by investing a huge amount of capital. It has an E-cell that functions extremely well. The E-cell conducts many events and speeches by young entrepreneurs through which it motivates the students and helps them realize what entrepreneurship in the real sense means. The varsity also has a Student Activities Council (SAC) which organizes all events on campus. The E-Cell, SAC and all departmental bodies are led by students who write success stories in the University’s history.


STRATEGY#1: Improving Communication Skills of Students

Communication skills play an important role in building a successful career path for students in this competitive world. But due to stage fear, students don’t come forward and utilize the opportunities that come their way.

Tactic No.1: One way to overcome this problem is by selecting a group of students who want to improve their communication skills and allotting them to a student or faculty facilitator. The facilitators will focus on each student individually and ask them to speak on general topics. They will then give them feedback about their presentations and the students can come with better presentations in the following weeks. This will help in building their confidence and will in turn improve their communication skills.

STRATEGY#2: Providing a platform to put their knowledge to practical use

Practical application is the only way using which a student can test his/her knowledge. Having only theoretical knowledge is not enough for a student to face the real world challenges. To help students improvise their practicality a new method must be adopted in learning area.

Tactic No. 1: Giving innovative assignments like projects after each chapter, presentations on trending technologies or latest up gradations in the market or additional programs for implementation that aren’t present in the lab cycle can provide a source for the students to apply their knowledge practically.

STRATEGY#3: Encouraging students to enhance their managerial and leadership skills

Many situations can come in the career path of students where they need to manage situations and teams. They may even have to lead teams at times.

Tactic No. 1: Encouraging students to volunteer and organise events can help in improving their managerial skills. Students in a class can be divided into groups. The groups will be changed from time to time and each student will get a chance to be the team lead. In this way every student will get an opportunity to enhance their leadership and managerial skills.


STRATEGY#4: Providing appropriate platforms to pursue their passions

Alongside the regular academics extracurricular activities also play an important role in a student’s life.

Tactic No.1: Various activities /clubs should be conducted in a sophisticated manner for the students to pursue their passions/interests. Best faculty must be recruited for various activities and separate work spaces should be provided. A magazine will be published where the best works of students from each club will be posted every week, which can help in increasing enthusiasm among the students and grab their interest towards clubs.

STRATEGY#5: Encouraging interaction between seniors and juniors

In every student’s life a senior plays a crucial role. Guiding them in times of difficulties, and giving them valuable suggestions for their career will be beneficial.

Tactic No.1: Interaction between seniors and juniors will help in sharing their ideas and knowledge. Project works can be done together by students from different years. This can be achieved by selecting seniors as mentors and allotting a group of students to them. The juniors can share their problems or get their queries clarified with their mentors.


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