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Strategic Goals: 

The UNA Fellows Vision: To promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship by integrating, incorporating, and accelerating multidisciplinary programs into our university’s culture. 

The Triple E MissionExcite and Engage students to Embrace Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Immediate Initiatives: 

Initative #1: Creation

We interviewd students in order to get information on how they feel about the innovation and enterprenuership on campus. Many believed that the campus does not offer many resources, and they did not know ho to utilize them. We took that as our approach to create a place where they can.

Terms we researched and will be implementing in our promotion: 

·      Problem Solving

·      Resources

·      Development

·      Transformation

·      Diversification

·      Enlightening

·      Coaching/Teaching

Initative #2: Inform the Stakeholders

Though the Stakeholder meeting is mandatory, we are using this as the platform to introduce this ENTIRE transformation plan. In fact, we will be asking for partnerships with faculty and staff and the community through this meeting. So far, there are 0 students helping with this endeavour. We are the first, and we must grab the attention of the most powerful people on campus. 

Initative #3: Communication

We have to get the word out there that there are places to come and feel accepted no matter your view or understanding of something. Students are the future, and giving the capabilities to gather the information that they need is vital. With the ThankSpace, students will have a place to communicate and tone their skills.

Long-Term Initiatives:

Intiative #4: Social Media--Darian and Jordan

  • Twitter
    • twice a week
  • Instagram
    • once a week
  • Facebook
    • once a week
    • concise yet detailed

Initiative #5: Workshops--Jordan and Darian

  •  Host once a month, but can be more frequent depending on feedback
  • Mitch Hamm, leader of The Generator, to host once a semester
  • James Mitchell, the leader of the ThinkSpace, to host once a semester
  • 2 other speakers once a semester
  • Hands on experience can vary depending on season, but we wish for it to be once a semester

Initiative #6: Email List--Darian

  • James Mitchell, the leader of ThinkSpace, to create a list of members
  • Contact Marketing deparment to add us to the UNA Digest

Initiative #6: The Generator--Jordan

  • Will meet to inform Mitchell Hamm to inform of opportunities and events
  • Promotion ideas

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