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Priorities:University of Miami I&E Curriculum Prototype

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The University of Miami values a sweeping education, manifesting in General Education Requirements (GERs) that guide students toward engagement in a range of academic disciplines. The system divides these Requirements into Areas of Knowledge, which can be fulfilled by completing cognates, which are basically “mini-minors” of three courses. Incoming freshmen are somewhat overwhelmed with figuring out this system and balancing their schedules to fit in cognate courses in addition to major and minor courses. Thus, incoming students are less willing to jump into a longitudinal track that doesn’t necessarily fit into major requirements. We observed that there are few for-credit programs that extend through the entirety of undergraduate regimen to enhance learning. In my experience and that of my acquaintances in these programs (e.g. PRISM and Da Vinci), they add meaning to being a scholar and certainly enhanced the college experience. However, membership and interest in these programs are low due to our University’s somewhat overwhelming GERs, so perhaps filling this need for I&E on campus through a platform that works and is scarce but adds stress to students might not be the best approach.

A solution we devised is a sequential four-course I&E cognate that fulfills the STEM Area of Knowledge with the option of taking two additional courses to earn a minor as well. This plan addresses two main points: it is an engaging program that spans the undergraduate years and fosters I&E thinking and it fulfills GERs. It will be strongly advertised before students arrive on campus.

I&E Cognate

4 courses, 15 credit hours, maximum 3 credit hours (1 course) per academic year

1.      One course from: Innovation course list (3 credit hours)

2.      One course from: Entrepreneurship course list (3 credit hours)

3.      I&E Lab (3 credit hours, only junior year)

4.      I&E Capstone project (3 credit hours, only Fall of senior year)

4.5   I&E Capstone project community partnership (not for credit, stipend)

I&E Minor 

6 courses, 21 credit hours, maximum 6 credit hours (2 courses) per academic year

1/2.  Two courses from Innovation course list (3 credit hours)

3/4.  Two courses from Entrepreneurship course list (3 credit hours)

5.      I&E Lab (3 credit hours, only junior year)

6.      I&E Capstone project (3 credit hours, only Fall of senior year)

6.5   I&E Capstone project community partnership (not for credit, stipend)

Innovation course list

·         BTE 210 - Fundamentals Of Business Technology & Innovation

·         IEN 372 - Emerging Technologies And The Creation Of Technological Innovations

·         IEN 572 - Management of Technological Innovation

·         IEN 672 – Management of Technological Innovation II

Entrepreneurship course list

·         IEN 571 - Engineering Entrepreneurship

·         IEN 671 - Engineering Entrepreneurship II

·         JMM 407 - Media Entrepreneurship

·         MGT 253 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship

·         MGT 357 - Entrepreneurship Simulation Experience: Inside the Mind of the Entrepreneurial CEO

·         MGT 625 - Entrepreneurship: Creating New Ventures

·         MMI 630 - Entrepreneurship for Musicians

·         MKT 385 - Marketing for Entrepreneurs