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UTEC Student Priorities

STRATEGY #1: Opportunities for developing startups (tech transfer)  

Project Name: D. Ventures

Project Leader: Luana Andrade

  • Enhancing students to be aware of entrepreneurship and innovation (I&E).
  • Look for motivated students focused on developing new products or startups.
  • Teaching design methodologies in other courses .
  • UTEC Ventures or FABLAB UTEC as  innovation spaces for students .

STRATEGY #2: Giving students a prototyping space

Project Name: UTEC Lean Lab

Project Leader: Elmer Escandón

  • Provide challenges to students in order to use the area .
  • Restrict the use only for innovation purposes .
  • Free area for students and professors.
  • Foster students’ abilities to design solutions and creative confidence by providing mentors only for this area.

STRATEGY #3: Facilitating project groups

Project Name: UTEC Mix n’ Match

Project Leader: Francisco Mejía

  • Online platform inside the UTEC intranet that generates interest groups based on students’ academic preferences.
  • Groups generated by this platform should be capable of presenting their own projects.
  • Interests used by this platform are not strictly academic, the requisite is that an interest must be project-worthy.

STRATEGY #4: Entrepreneurship consulting

Project Name: Innovation Consulting

Project Leaders:  Kiko Mayorga and Joana Munarriz

  • Map the outstanding students in the research field (Ricardo Gonzáles, Danae Chipoco) and innovation methodologies (Diego Muñoz, Hans Figueroa, Sandra Abad).
  • Volunteer alumni and senior professors able to mentor and advise students in their projects
  • Register projects from innovation courses, I&E groups, VLI (Interdisciplinary Projects) and research laboratories in UTEC.


Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología (UTEC)

UTEC Students Priorities

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University Innovation Fellows

Spring 2016:

Danae Chipoco Haro

Hans Figueroa Guaylupo

Alvaro Ludowieg Rios

Sebastián Hurtado Hidalgo

Fall 2017:

Camila Maura

Ariane Ernandorena

Gonzalo Vidaurrrazaga

Diego Muñoz

Fall 2018:

Raúl Escandón

Luana Andrade

Francisco Mejía