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Strategy #1: Upp![1]

After having analyzed our scenario and having talked to many students and part of the university staff we can say that most of the students who have an idea for a start up or a venture do not continue with it for several reasons. In addition to the previous point another problem we see is that students are not aware of the tools that the university provides us, for example open lectures, workshops, different labs we have, coworks, etc.

The numbers of ventures and projects per year in PDE and Salto are very worrying, in both campuses we have an average of 1 venture every 2 years.

Our challenge: How might we help the students to be part of a community were they can feel comfortable, create teams, have tools and take advantage of the events of the university

We have one part very important done, discover the problem. Now to continue we have to start to create the solution.

taking everythin mentioned on consideration we will create a aplication for the university were you will have differents tools for differents problems that the entrepreneurs has.

One of the tools is that you can present your idea for a proyect of start-up and everyone that were interested can talk with you for being part of it and help you to creat it.

Another part is that every open-lecture of the university, every workshop, event or resource that the university bring for us, for example a informatic lab, recording studio, etc.

We will follow the incoming steps:
  • Step #1: talk to the students to see what problems they have for start with a project.
  • Step #2: talk with the stuff of students affairs to see what resources they have
  • Step #3: develop the application
  • Step #4: make a advertising campaign for every student know about the app

Strategy #1.1: Upp-Teams!

After analyzing the surveys and consulting with students, we identified that one problem in taking their ideas forward and sharing them with others is a team to back them up. Students need an environment where they can grow and work with others. In this sense the university offers very different careers, we could take advantage of that and help students to relate with others who share an interest in their project and can complement each other.

Our challenge: How might we help people with ideas to have the best possible team?

In order to achieve this we devised a platform where students can find peers who share their motivation and can contribute together to achieve each other's goals, learning and gaining experience in their own field of study while doing it

We will follow the incoming steps:
  • Step #1: Create a board on campus where students post notes and a contact number to create teams
  • Step #2: Have monthly meetings to bring all interested parties together in the conference room
  • Step #3: Create a discord so that they can communicate and join more easily
  • Step #4: Move all of this to the UPP! application

Strategy #1.2: Upp-Ideas!

Once there is a way to join teams, the other missing point would be how to share and get ideas across. We want to give a voice to every student and also to anyone who has a need and the university can help them create their solution.

Our challenge: How might we help everyone to share their ideas and make it a reality?

Upp would be the way for everyone to spread the ideas they have and find support for those, receive comments and feedback to improve them, as well as get more information that can help them

We will follow the incoming steps:
  • Step #1: Google form where students can put their ideas
  • Step #2: Develop the app(mvp) with all that ideas
  • Step #3: Present all the ideas to the university authorities and they will select a few to discuss with them
  • Step #4: Start to develop some of the best ideas

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