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Stakeholder Meeting Summary

Priority 1. Have a list of workshops that students can attend:

One of the problems that we found here at the University of Portland is that students don’t have enough trainings to work on projects on their own in the labs. Even if the school would give them access to labs, majority of them would not be able to do many things in there. We talked with the Dean of Engineering and Entrepreneurship coordinator to supply students with a list of workshops that they can attend to expand their education outside the classroom. These workshops would include soldering, 3D printing, basic use of lab equipments like oscilloscope, DMM, spectrum analyser,... We hope that with these workshops, students will be able to do their own projects and this will stimulate growth and change on campus.

Priority 2: Give students Access to Labs

Students at University of Portland don’t have access to labs unless they are working on a research with a professor or they are working on their senior design projects. We recently learned that the reason why they don’t have access,  is because our school is a teaching-based school not a research based school. The school has lab technicians who can help with whatever a professor/student needs. But we think that access to labs would give students more hands-on practice and this can help them when they graduate. If students have basic lab trainings, they can be able to work on their own projects with little assistance.

Priority 3: Campus of Change

We talked with many students on campus and most of them don’t know the amount of resources and opportunities that we have on campus. Some of them don’t even where to go if they want to make changes on campus. We thought that we can create a club called “Campus of Change”. The goal of the club would be to help students who want to make changes on campus know where to get resources, train them about design thinking, rapid prototyping, and be there for them whenever they need us. We hope that this club would help students to put their ideas to life and change the campus for better.

Priority 4: Increase the awareness of resources and opportunities on campus

Our school has many opportunities and resources, but many students are not aware of them. We want to change this. There is no point of having a new lab if students don’t know where it is. We plan to solve this problem using  different ways. We will have a poster with all of the resources that will be in the cafeteria, in dorms, and any other place where most students gather. The common way that our school uses to inform us about opportunities, is through email. We found that most students don’t read their email when it’s long. We want to work the Office of students Activities and find out the most effective way to communicate these opportunities.