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UIF Pitch


Overall Objective

To change the culture of the university's students, administration, and institution to that of innovation and entrepreneurship.

To also tap and utilize the rich resources that the university has and use them in an innovative manner as a solution to the challenges of the current century."nkmutai"

#1 Create an entrepreneurship club

Success Characteristics
Success Metrics
1. Students will join the club 1. 15-20+ students from a cross-section of academic disciplines
2. Active club marketing 2. Entrepreneurship Scholarships
3. Industry sponsorships 3. Internship Oportunities
4.Students will participate in innovative entrepreneurship projects 4.Business ventures in campus

The creation of an entrepreneurship club will bring the excitement and student involment needed to get this cultural change movement off the ground. Through connecting with industry sponsors, the goal will be that funds will be disbursed to students with plans for startups.

#2 Create a dedicated space for innovation and entrepreneurship on campus

Success Characteristics
Success Metrics
1. University support

1. 50% UMES support for equipment, staffing, & supplies

50% support from outside funding for the first 24 months

2. Installation of a maker space 2. 100% of industry support for center's operational costs
3.Center has a named sponsor 3.Expanded program offerings*
4.Departmental innovation studios 4.Departments to create innovationspaces 

Space is a major issue for students at UMES. Dedicating a space where students can add value to themselves, the university, and the community will be a very valuable asset if brought to campus.

*Expanded program offerings from the innovation/entrepreneurship center

  • Teen Entrepreneurship Summer Academy
  • Collegiate competitions
  • Prototype creation labs
  • Educational workshops
  • STEM skill-building workshops

#3 Create a 3-credit entrepreneurship course

Success Characteristics Success Metrics
1. Committed and energetic faculty 1. Active learning enviorment
2. Support of UMES faculty 2. High student evaluation scores
3. Master's in Entrepreneurship 3. GPA & Application requirement

Implementing a course that students can take will be a great way to spread the innovation/entrepreneurship mesage to all students willing to recieve it. The course will be open to all majors, but students will need to provide evidence that they are preforming well in the classroom and the community in order to participate.

#4 Create a speaker series comprised of successful alumni and faculty

Success Characteristics Success Metrics
1. Support from alumni who are entrepreneurs 1. Active speaking platform
2. Support of UMES students 2. High attendence of series
3. Series to take place monthly (to start) 3. Limited space and RSVP required

If students could hear the successes of UMES graduates on a continuous basis the impact would be amazing! Actually witnessing the successes of peers will help solidify that "You can do it, too!" attitude in undergratuate students, thus changing a culture. 

#5 Incorporate innovation and entrepreneurship principles within the freshman experience courses

Each school at UMES has a frshman experience course as a requirement for incoming freshman. Applying principles of innovation and entrepreneurship here would be the first stepping stone to changing the culture here on campus. This way, students fully understand their options from the beginning, rather than learning close to graduation that they can be trailblazers in their own fields. 

#6 Collaborate with surrounding HBCU's in Maryland 

Maryland is home to 5 HBCU's: UMES, Coppin State CollegeSuorjourner-Douglass College, Morgan State, and Bowie State University (6 if D.C.'s Howard University is included). Working in a collaborative effort to create an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosytem amongst ourselves would be an excellent strategic move not only for UMES but all the schools listed above. Students would be able to visit and see what other students are working on and doing in the ways of entrepreneurship and innovation as well as share any new ideas. By succeding in this effort the HBCU community will have more bargaining chips in the way of funding and be heard nationally.

#7.Departments to introduce senior year mandatory design project as a requirement before graduation.

All departments at the university to introduce capstone mandatory design projects as a requirement for graduation. This will send students on a design veture exercise, which in the end will result in not only successful completion of the degree program, but also a potential business model. It successful business partners and innovators across the country to be invited and intergrated in the program,to offer leadership and connection.This program should be discussed and hopefully rolled out as by Spring 2016.

#8.University to embark on a vigorous awareness campaign exercise.

UMES as a university needs to develop a massive campaign structure, to market the institution for it to tap the national and international innovation sensitive students.Students are an ingredient resource to innovation and entrepreneurship. It is out of the massive pool of students that ideas are born and transformed into opportunities.

#9.The university innovation and entrepreneurship clubs to actively participate in national innovation  competitions.

The university should make it a priority to sponsor student organizations to design competitions normally organized by stakeholders in the relevant industries.For example The national association of home builders ,NAHB  residential construction management competition, is a key design project, which if persued with the seriousnes it deserves,will develop students' innovation and entrepreneurship skills to a higher level.The university should avail enough funding for such competitions as they are an eye opener and an usher to the real world of innovation and enterprising.

#10.Creation of department of innovation 

The university over a period span of two years should consider introduction of an innovation department, which shall soley handle matters innovation. This will raise the university's prospects higher and also quarantee an undiverted attention to the core aspect of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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