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Project 1 - Natascha Mwambwa

Pitching Competition

To facilitate impactful pitching competitions, we'll create a supportive environment where students can showcase their innovative ideas. These competitions will be designed as platforms not only for idea presentation but also for networking, mentorship, and potential investment opportunities. We will invite seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and angel investors to judge these events, providing valuable feedback and mentorship to participants.

Key Tactics:

  • Securing good sponsors
  • Engage faculty to provide mentorship for participants
  • Have very attractive advertisement

Project 2 - Anesu Mumba

Collaboration with outside stakeholders

To facilitate collaboration with external stakeholders, we plan to establish strategic partnerships with existing tech companies. By fostering relationships with these industry leaders, we aim to create avenues for students to secure internships, gain valuable practical experience, and receive mentorship. Moreover, we will seek sponsorship from these companies to support our innovation and technological advancement initiatives, ensuring our students have access to cutting-edge resources and opportunities, thus bridging the gap between academia and industry seamlessly.

Key Tactics:

  • Approach as many companies as possible
  • Maintain a good connection for longevity
  • Ensure the school endorses the applications to help boost the connection efforts
  • Try to secure mentorship and intern ship programs from industry players

Project 3 - David Kaniki

Inter-Uni Science fairs

There's little to no interactions between universities with regards to scientific projects and research. This is why we would like to create those bonds and facilitate inter-university competitions so as to contribute to the growth of the nation and world at large.

Key Tactics:

  • Engage people from different schools to form diverse teams, Inspired by the EXTREME challenge from session 1
  • Create a wide range of categories to be competed in
  • Encourage interdisciplinary team formations

Project 4 - Mwango Makumba

Innovation Hub

It was observed that we do not really have a platform for students to come together and build projects. We will help in the facilitation of an Innovation Club at our school, aiming to harness students' creativity and skills to develop innovative solutions with a special focus on robotics.

Key Tactics:

  • Organize regular workshops and training sessions conducted by experienced mentors and industry professionals.
  • Launch an annual robotics competition, encouraging students from various disciplines to collaborate and compete in friendly challenges.
  • Collaborate with local tech companies, engineering firms, and alumni networks to provide real-world insights and networking opportunities.