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The University was started with ten faculties and 300 students and twenty staff members. Today the University has a student population nearly 4000 and an academic staff of 105 and 131 academic consultants. This year the University has 59 courses at the post-graduate and undergraduate level and a good component of research.

The campus has the necessary buildings to run its academic programmes and administrative machinery. There are separate buildings for Humanities and Sciences, University Administration, Central Library, University Auditorium, Sericulture Complex, and School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and also an independent building for Computer Science, Business Management and Engineering College.

Recently 6 years back engineering department have been established and improved year by year and encouraged by university with the greatest support.University recently established different programmes based on the I&E program and encouraging students from different departments to join its new collaboration .


Strategy #1:Increase awareness among students

To increase the awareness among students we need to organise different activities for every week upto a month so by that students get interacted with each other i.e students of different departments and blocks . After that we can organise various clubs  ,because of before conducted activities they would have got some keen idea about what is going around and they may have got a chance  to know and get into the world with some awareness and knowing.

Interactions between students also helps them for knowing different thoughts of various people.By this we can say that students get to share their thoughts with each other and also meet the different circumcumstances with different mindsets.

And there should be a blog created for students only to keep them connected and also to share the information what they got in their department about similar concepts they are aware of.

Strategy #2:Increasing of industrial tours

This can be developed by making a person as a representative and every one to share their views as a group and their view about the best concept should be kept infront of a higher authority  by their selected representative with good reasons and examples for development by their practical exposure to the industries.And a very convincing person should be representing infront of higher authorities so that they could understand the importance.

The support from the management is also important so the industrial tour should be meaningful and the students should get the more benefit is to be under stood by the management.


Strategy #3:Development in equipment and facilities

        Utilising the laboratory apparatus,quality college supplies and technical tools like computers e.t.c provides various benefits to students .Advanced laboratory instruments provide learners with more convinient means of conducting studies , testing theories and finding solutions to problems. Intresting technologies in the acadame also makes learning more enjoyable,interactive and fun.By this means of examples we can say that improvement in equipment benifits students.

Strategy #4:Development of practical learning among students

Practical learning encompasses anything that helps someone master a skill or ability.There will be great satisfaction in being able to accomplish something.Practical learning can be improved in students by not only keeping students a simple tests theoritically but also by giving them some tasks to complete by experiencing them by only doing them and experience them .And the support from the faculty should always be present to their students in their practical tasks they are given and helpful for their doubts clarification and also for a simple help.Skills help them develop their practical learning so they should always be supportive and helpful in improvising their skills.