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Bonfire Social Event

Bonfires are great way to encourage students to socialize and get to know their peers. There is a great need on campus to see more of a family-like environment and relationship between students and staff. Through hosting a bonfire on campus, this social event will invite students and faculty to converse with one another, make new mentor-student relationships, and connect on a deeper level than a day-to-day interaction. I want students to have conversations where we feel comfortable discussing our differences, similarities, and gain a closer bond amongst each other.

I was convinced that this needs to happen because of my personal experiences on campus and things I have heard from my Spelman sisters.

Most of the Spelman campus has been eager to experience campus life firsthand and because of the pandemic that has not been possible. Events that would normally be available to everyone, were determined by a ticket draw. Upperclassmen are not on campus to help facilitate traditions, so it is disappointing and they are not serving who they should be serving.

So, (will you?) help me establish new traditions that all Spelman women can enjoy.

What is the change you want to see at your school?

Why is this change important to you and to your school?

What convinced you that this change needs to happen?

What have you experienced to support the vision you have for change?

What do you hope to see as a result of this change?

Project Pitch

Here is a list of the key elements that we will keep in mind as the event comes into fruition:

  • Audience
    • Should be the students are the main target audience for the bonfire on campus social activity
      • Both upper class students, first and second years, and especially the transfer students
    • The students make up the majority of the population, therefore making them the key goal
    • We fellows are also students at Spelman College
  • Need
    • The students need more social events for all of them to engage amongst each other.
    • There needs to be more leisure social engagements rather than strictly academic engagements for the students.
      • For different majors and minors to mesh and mingle
  • Our UIF Experience
    • My UIF training has allowed me to talk to other students on campus and gain their perspective on what is lacking in their college life.
  • Message
    • This could provide a lot of different opportunities for Students to engage in socializing with their peers. Doors can lead to new ideas being formed and collaboration between majors.
  • Action
    • Spread the word about our activity
    • Participate by attending the event

Spelman Business Club

Spelman having their own business club instead of having to be under Morehouse. More entrepreneurs will be generated from Spelman. More Spelmanites will be aware and influenced through entrepreneurship and innovators.


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