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Interactive Educational Platform.

Our goal is to create a web based platform & mobile app which helps professors communicate in a more effective way with their students. Two members of our team are developers and they have already written the first lines of the code. We also spoke with some of the teachers that told us that they are going to experiment with our tools. The member of our team in charge of this project isIliya Dechkov.

What else has do be done:

  • Buy servers and domain
  • Meet all of the teachers and introduce our idea to them in order to validate it. 
  • Develop the MVP of the web platform. 
  • Experiment with volunteering professors and take their feedback. 
  • Develop the mobile application.
  • Integrate the platform in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.
  • Integrate the platform in the whole Sofia University. 
  • Try to integrate the platform in other educational institutions

Based on the experience of the developers in our team, our predictions are that it is possible to finish the platform in 2-3 months. Soon after  that, we will start using it in the faculty and hopefully in the whole University by the end of the academic year.

Entrepreneurship club. 

   We found out that in our university there is not an entrepreneurship club, but it is needed. A lot of students from all of the faculties want to start their own businesses but dont have an idea to work on. On the contrary, there are other students who have the idea but lack the knowlege to bring it to life. This is the main problem that this club will solve. It will bring together different people, with different backgrounds to accomplish the same goal - create something new and exciting. The Team member who is going to be in charge od this project is Daniel Dimitrov

In order to create that club, we need to follow some basic steps: 

  • Talk to the dean of our faculty. 
    It is important to inform the highest body of power in the faculty about the project as soon as possible to see if we have a green light to proceed further. This meeting will take place no later than the 15th of October. 
  • Collect some important feedback from the students in the faculty. 
    We need to know what the students think of our project. If they have different opinions or anything to add. Once we validate the idea in our faculty, we will be ready to spread it across the entire university. The validation should finish by the end of October. 
  • Create and locate the club in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. 
    If everything is going as planned, the club should be a fact before December 2018. 
  • Talk to the rector of the Sofia University.
    Once the club is starts operating in the faculty, it is time to present it in front of the other faculties in the university, therefore we need to talk to the rector so he can get the things rolling. 
  • The club is openned to everybody in the Sofia University. 
    We hope that despite the bureacuracy, the project will be fully finished before February 2018. 

Online enrollment for dormitory. 

   The lack of this option is not acceptable in our time. It might not be the most innovative idea but it is a huge problem not just in our university, but in universities in Bulgaria in general. We want to be the ones to end this problem by applying the already working method from abroad. The team member in charge of that project is Ivan Ruski

Stages needed for the project realization: 

  • Inform the university administration about our intentions.
    First of all, we should inform the administration about the problem and our solution. If they agree with us we will proceed to the next stage.
  • Choose a working system from abroad.
    After we inform everybody empowered to help us, we will take a look at the existing systems for online enrollment for the dormitories in order to find the one that fits our university the best. 
  • Succesfully apply the system.
    By the beggining of the next academic year, the system should be working and making the lives of the students easier. 

Alumni Mentoring Program

Create a program which connects the people who would like to set up a business with the alumnies of our university that already have their SME or a larger company. The idea is to spread the knowledge of the people who are already entrepreneurs and want to share their know-how. The member of our team in charge of this project is Martin Dimitrov.


  • Create a group (FB)/ Skype or some kind of virtual connections
  • Speak with the alumnies and see how many of them are willing to take part in such program.
  • Speak with the administration to see what has to be done to create this program.
  • Speak with students in our faculty and collect their opinions.
  • Try to validate the idea with 1 team and 1 Mentor to see if it is going to work.
  • Integrate the program in our faculty.
  • Integrate the program in the university.


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