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2021 Change Story Video

Irene Rivera


Redefine entrepreneurship to increase collaboration between students from different majors

Key Tactics
  • Reach out to professors from different departments (business, computer science, interaction design, graphic design, art, physical sciences, etc) to discuss opportunities of collaboration between departments
  • Ask those professors to announce mixers in their classes and provide extra credit for attending
  • Create mixer/workshop activities pertaining to entrepreneurship and innovation with professors
  • Survey students from professors’ classes when and where is best to hold the mixer
  • Connect with various school clubs to share the idea and ask them to share with club members
  • Design and share digital flyers for mixer

Miguel Lucas


Aggregate social media content to unify the SMC I & E story across campus.

Key Tactics
  • Take inventory of existing accounts across different platforms
  • Review social media inventory on campus
  • Identify Santa Monica College social media guidelines
  • Contact web manager and social media Manager
  • Create a website, or social account that connects all of these accounts as a hub of digital media

Patrick Rodriguez


Promote concepts relating to “I&E” and “Design Thinking” on remote platforms, such as the “SMC GO” app, in order to expand awareness and interest to departments outside of business, design, and technology.

Key Tactics
  • Survey students and professors in different departments to determine how “design thinking” and “I&E” could be relevant
  • (Depending on final solution), construct curriculum and/or activities for interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Schedule with Campus Events department
  • Contact those in charge of the “SMC GO” app (with user feedback data)

Zoe Torrealba Marin


SMC student center for co-design that will serve as a subsidiary of the SMC center for media and design. The community space will encourage students to engage in student-led workshops, consultations from IxD student leaders on solving greater problems faced by SMC students, and co-designing with the community. Our mission will focus on a human-centered approach for designing for the interdisciplinary and diverse student community at SMC to co-design with current IxD cohorts.

Key Tactics
  • Hire a director and staff for the center
  • Hire student coordinators
  • Designate a space inside CMD
  • Create a mission statement
  • Plan the academic semesters and workshop programming calendar
  • Plan a grand opening day
  • Design marketing resources about the center and its services
  • Encourage creative/design thinking for SMC students