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Strategy #1: Hosting an innovation, design, and entrepreneurship conference

Students who don't actively seek entrepreneurship experiences at Rutgers have difficulty learning about and getting involved with innovative opportunities. As a result, many students that could make valuable contributions to the I&E space at Rutgers miss relevant resources and projects. To address this problem, we plan to host an innovation, design, and entrepreneurship conference in for students from a variety of majors, years, and interests. This conference will feature speakers from a variety of disciplines that inspire students with their creativity and curiosity. It will also have interactive, hands-on workshops for students to learn important concepts such as design thinking and storytelling. Rutgers clubs and programs in the I&E space will also have booths set up at the conference for students to learn about all the available opportunities and ways to get involved. No matter what goals or careers students have, this conference will provide students with the resources and skills they need to become innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

Strategy #2: Creating and promoting a resource guide for innovation at Rutgers

Rutgers has many programs, organizations, and majors in the I&E space. However, it's difficult to learn about all of the available opportunities because there is not a source of truth for innovation at Rutgers. We plan to create and share a resource guide to increase exposure to all of the initiatives Rutgers offers. By creating a website for innovation, design, and entrepreneurship, students can easily discover relevant information to help them accomplish their goals.

Strategy #3: Creating student-led for-credit courses

Many students believe that classes fail to prepare them for industry experience after college. As a result, they have to spend time self-learning additional concepts in addition to their required courses. We propose creating student-led courses focused on skills that are not offered by Rutgers. Courses will focus on practical, hands on concepts that provide students with skills to develop their ideas and gain relevant experience for future jobs (ex: React, Figma, Photoshop, Data Science, etc). Courses are beginner-friendly and open to students in all years and majors to make learning accessible to everyone. These courses can be piloted with freshman in partnership with FIGS first, and then expanded to all students. Experienced students will work with a faculty mentor to create a curriculum and offer office hours and support for their courses.