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Built on the blood soaked sod of a former slave plantation, and established in 1896, Oakwood University is the singular Seventh-day Adventist Historically Black College/University, in Huntsville, Alabama. For just over 125 years, this illustrious institution has molded the lives of young and old, educationally, physically, and spiritually. Guided by the motto, "God First!", Oakwood University faculty, staff and administration impart knowledge and information, to empower students who "Enter to Learn," to "Depart to Serve".

Strategic Priorities

UIF Fall 2022

Strategic Priority #1

Increasing entrepreneurial seed funding sources

A $20 Challenge should be hosted where participants will be given $20 to transform into a business venture. For a period of eight (8) weeks, they will be challenged to multiply this $20 using an original business idea. Throughout the process, they will have access to mentorship from entrepreneurial experts who will help them to see success in their business. After eight (8) weeks have passed, the participants in the challenge will return the $20 and present their business plan and progress (in Shark Tank style) to a panel of entrepreneurs, who will select a winner. Entrepreneurial ventures and presentations will be judged on innovative genius, originality, projected possibility to dominate a niche market, as well as a clear statistical analysis. The winner and 2 runners-up will receive investments into their business and direct mentorship from the entrepreneurial panel. The other participants will receive further entrepreneurial training to help to improve and grow the current state of their brand.

  1. Entrepreneurship Training for the eight (8) week duration of the $20 Challenge.
  2. Seed funding management training.
  3. Visits from experienced entrepreneurs to share experience.

Strategic Priority #2

Increasing entrepreneurial curriculum

A entrepreneurial class called Business Expert would be introduced to help entrepreneurs build a successful business by giving them the right resources and by helping them understand business. The entrepreneurs in this program will gain an understanding of Creativity, Exceptionalism, the Legal Framework, and Promotion. Through student-led workshops, students will learn how to reach their target markets with their advertising efforts. In addition to helping students, working with entrepreneurial teachers will ensure that students are getting the right information from someone with experience and that their teacher knows what they're doing.

  1. Promotion of the class as a addition to the Business Core.
  2. Experienced entrepreneurs will serve as instructors.
  3. Gather resources within the class.

UIF Fall 2023

Strategic Priority #1

Equal Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

Maximize resources we have on campus. Find resources outside of the United States. Create a plan to raise money.

Strategic Priority #2

Unlocking Academic Excellence

Create a good relationship with the student to their potential.