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Strategic Project 1: Student Venture Fund

Project Lead: JaMya

Key Tactics:

  • Create a student-managed venture fund to invest in promising student-led startups.
  • Develop a selection process for startups to pitch their ideas to the fund committee.
  • Establish a fund management team responsible for evaluating investment opportunities.
  • Collaborate with local angel investors and venture capitalists to secure additional funding.
  • Organize pitch competitions and networking events to attract student entrepreneurs.

Strategic Project 2: Entrepreneurship Curriculum Enhancement

Project Lead: Tashira

Key Tactics:

  • Collaborate with faculty to review and update the entrepreneurship curriculum.
  • Introduce practical, real-world projects and case studies into entrepreneurship courses.
  • Expand course offerings in areas such as technology entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and innovation management.
  • Create an experiential learning component, such as student-run businesses or consulting projects.
  • Monitor and assess the impact of curriculum changes on student engagement and success.

Strategic Project 3: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competitions

Project Lead: Christian

Key Tactics:

  • Organize annual innovation and entrepreneurship competitions that allow students to pitch their ideas and prototypes.
  • Secure sponsorship from local businesses and industry partners to provide prizes and support for the competitions.
  • Form a competition committee responsible for event planning and logistics.
  • Promote the competitions through various marketing channels, both on and off campus.
  • Evaluate the impact of competitions on student participation and startup creation.

Strategic Project 4: Alumni Mentorship Program

Project Lead: Olujede

Key Tactics:

  • Create a mentorship program that pairs students with successful alumni who have experience in entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Develop a matching algorithm to pair students with mentors based on their interests and goals.
  • Organize mentorship events, networking opportunities, and workshops to facilitate connections.
  • Establish a tracking system to measure the success and impact of the mentorship program.
  • Encourage alumni to provide financial support to student entrepreneurs through scholarships or grants.

In this multifaceted approach, each project is designed to address a specific aspect of enhancing the I&E ecosystem at Mississippi Valley State University. This collaborative effort aims to create a dynamic and supportive environment that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship on campus, with the goal of achieving significant improvements within the next two to three years.