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1. Bringing people together and increasing visibility for already existing Innovation & Entrepreneurship opportunities

Two obstacles we have encountered in our IE ecosystem are the lack of visibility for projects that promote Innovation & Entrepreneurship and the fact that there is no opportunity for students from all majors to come together in a common space, get to know each other, and possibly bridge the gap between Faculties later on. Thus, we have imagined an Info-Session type of event where students from all majors are brought together: ULBS Info-Session. The event is also an opportunity for students to receive information about all the opportunities available. Each Research center, programme, internship, workshop, event and so on would have a stand available, students walking through the info points and stopping to talk to the relevant people about the opportunities that catch their eye. The available stands would have lists where students could drop their contact information to be contacted for future events. Each stand would also have a board on which the question ”Have your heard about X? (X being the programme, event, center, etc) ”, where students can mark ”YES/NO” in order to assess the visibility of the existing opportunities and see where there is a need for improvement. At the same time, the event would take place in an open space where there is room for people to chat, have snacks and coffee, and get to know each other. At the end, another board would be ready, containing a table with the question ”With how many people from each department have you interacted today?”, where students can mark the number of people they socialized with. With this idea, we are planning to assess if bringing people together can create the opportunity for communication.

2. Creating the opportunity for students to showcase creativity and contribute to developing IE in our University

There have been attempts in the past at encouraging innovation, but they haven't been that fruitful. Thus, we imagined a competition for bright ideas where the winning one would be sponsored: Bring your idea to life. In order to do this, people would have to enroll in the contest, go through a training before submitting their application, and then compile their application including the idea, the resources needed, and the plan to implement it. The submissions would be reviewed by a University board, which would select the one project that can come to life. Through this, we hope to encourage students to be creative and to offer the example that they, too, can do it.

3. Bringing inspiration and motivation into our University

While mapping the school's ecosystem in our Landscape canvas, we discovered there is a gap in inspirational events. Thus, we have imagined bringing a TED-like event in our University, where students and teachers could be inspired by the innovative people in our community.

4. Introducing teachers to a Design Thinking mindset

While completing the Landscape canvas, we also uncovered that there are limited opportunities for teachers' training and development. There is plans of ULBS D-School to implement a course for teachers, and an approach we have imagined is offering a challenge for them to fulfill during the Design Thinking course. The challenge given would have the potential to impact the IE ecosystem.