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Know it All - more awareness generating workshops, seminars and talks,etc

In this project we will focus on providing students the awareness about I&E and the latest technologies so they remain up to date.

This will be mainly done through interactive sessions, workshops, seminars and talks by experts , alumnus,etc.

Regular Industrial visits would be conducted.

This project will help the students to be aware of the various fields which they can pursue and most importantly they will confidently go in that direction and pursue it.

For this project I will arrange alumnus and will collaborate with industries and organizations so they come up and give some seminars , etc.

I will start with this project and will try to implement it by March 2017.

Grouping students on the basis of their interests

This project will divide and group the students on the basis of their interest irrespective of which field and streams they belong to.

Then they will further be nurtured and trained to develop their skills and interests under proper guidance which will be provided through Industrial tie-ups.

They will be given exposure through projects on which they will work under the guidance of mentors/experts and thus gain practical knowledge.

This project has been discussed with the stakeholders. We will implement this project by conducting competitions which involve interdisciplinary team members , if it becomes successful we will further develop this project. The competitions and such events will be held within 5-6 months time.

Collaborations with industries and institutes

This project will provide students the exposure that they want . They can get the awareness and learning of what the Industry “wants” of them.

This can be done through tie-ups with industry and other institutes which are under university Innovation Fellows program or other advanced institutes.

Practical Training will be provided by Industry experts who currently are working as professionals on particular technologies.

Through this project the students will get the proper mentors which can guide them at every step.

This will also help in collecting funds for the projects and events which student conduct and work on .

For this project I will arrange alumnus and will collaborate with industries and organizations through their associations or Intern cum Training , etc so that the students gain the neccesary exposure and training.

I will try to implement this project till August 2017.

Flexibility in attending the lectures

This project will aim at solving the problem of time limitations that the students face .

In the current scenario it’s mandatory to attend all the lectures and maintain minimum of 75% attendance throughout the semester , this limit the students in putting their best efforts towards I&E.

Through his project the students will have the flexibility to choose the number of lectures they want to attend.

This project has been discussed with the stakeholders and they will try to give the students who achieve some certain level of excellence ,the credits.

one maker space for all

This project will make students of all the streams come together and interact under one roof.

This will provide them with all the latest and advanced facilities , tools and technologies at one place along with proper mentors to guide them.

This project will take time to get implemented ( maybe 2-3 years ).

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