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·         Provide a platform for the students to express their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas

o   Students participate in workshops and other interactive events to express their ideas.

o   They meet the directors, administrators and entrepreneurs to know what they need do to make the idea a good project to work on and to know the market needs.

o   Good and fetching ideas will be appreciated and encouraged to  work on.

·         Mentorship programmes by young entrepreneurs

o   The students learn from the life stories of entrepreneurs and be encouraged towards entrepreneurship.

·         Introduce an Audit course on Entrepreneurship for undergraduate students

o   Interested students can take an audit course in the third or final year of their graduation.

o   It should include elements of design thinking, lean start up, negotiation with partners, risk analysis etc.


·         Inter-disciplinary projects must be taken up

o   Projects on subjects like robotics, hardware, machine building are done through active collaboration between students of various streams of engineering.

o   Such projects must be encouraged in third as well as final year of graduation.

·         Extra-curricular clubs

o   The activities of co-curricular and extracurricular clubs must be extended to include the students from all departments.

o   Any project which is done as a college event in a club should be done with active participation of students from all departments.

o   All the clubs should ensure that each student is a part of some club or the other

·         Regular group discussions and other events must take place

o   Through group discussions and such events, students from various backgrounds and streams interact and collectively solve common problems.



·         Internships for the students

o   The college administration should collaborate with the industries.

o   The industry should conduct some screening tests and other things and provide internships to the students so that the students can get used to the working environment.

·         Courses which are related to trending technologies must be taken up by the industry professionals

o   Industry professionals should teach the students the courses related to the technologies and tools which they are using.

o   For this purpose E-learning platforms should be developed and made more familiar.

·         Provide hands-on experience to students

o   By collaborating with the administration the industry should give students some live projects and assignments.

o   They should also provide mentorship regarding these projects.


·         Taking up government or industrial projects to solve the problems of the society

o   Students must be encouraged to look around and identify problems.

o   The probable solution to the problem is to be discussed in the Innovation centre programmes.

o   They should collaborate with the government and industry to get sufficient financial and mentorship aid from them.

·         Forming a society for I&E

o   There should be autonomous society formed by the industry professionals, government officials, alumni and students leader in the incubation centre.

o   The society should not be controlled by the university.

o   They should have regular meetings and should discuss the projects they are working on, the problems which are faced by the people.

·         Entrepreneurship cell

o   JNTU College of Engineering, Kakinada has an entrepreneurship cell which conducts many events related to entrepreneurship.

o   Its activities must be extended to promote culture of I&E in the school.

Written by:

Likhita Nukala,Srilekha Murapaka, Bhargavi Sarilla, Sandhya Balu