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Strategy #1: An Interdisciplinary platform

The innovative power in science and technology development requires a close cooperation among students from different fields and faculty to guide in interdisciplinary way and to lookafter.The aim of  interdisciplinary approach is to investigate the boundaries of various explanatory frameworks of different scientific disciplines towards their gradual approximation.Via the interdisciplinary research the differences in the lexicon and methods quit to be clearly elicitable which results in integration synthesis of orginally seperate sciences.

Tactic 1:

Podium is a multipurpose space in college for the collision of serendipitous ideas where from all academic and professional disciplines can come together to develop ideas.

Tactic 2:

Including in the curriculum and teaching in interdisciplinary manner.

Tactic 3:

Through a social networking site like creating a website and interacting via bluejeans or through an app etc.,

Tactic 4:

Conducting workshops and clubs.

Tactic 5:

A dedicated staff member is the central administrative coordinating point or an interdisciplinary leadership council directs the program, encourages compromises in designs and structures, and keeps the goals to the forefront.

Strategy #2: Building student faculty relationsphis.

           "Have you talked with your professor yet?" is a favorite question academic advisors ask their students. More often than not, students tell their advisors that they have not engaged their teachers in meaningful conversations outside the classroom.Like any relationship, those between faculty members and students require nurturing. Advisors who know their students' talents and understand their faculty colleagues' gifts for helping the student grow occupy an unique position where they can facilitate strong relationships between advisees and their professors.When students feel connected to the campus community, they are more often retained and excel academically, creating a winning situation for everyone.A sense of connection with teachers helps students feel like they belong at the institution.

           By establishing Conversations between students and faculty members by reminding students that their teachers were once students themselves. Encouraging students to share their concerns with faculty members can give students a different 'take' on a problem.

           Not only should students be encouraged to ask faculty for general scholastic advice, but they also should learn how faculty became invested in their particular areas of expertise. Such conversations are helpful for students searching for their academic passions.

Tactic 1:

Motivating students to work in a meaningful way`like providing task to students that have a value then students will engage fully and produce quality work if they perceive that what they are doing has value.Teachers should show students that care about them and value their opinions.

Tactic 2:

Portfolio assessment (portfolios are an effective tool for archiving student work and monitoring student progress ove extended periods of time).

Tactic 3:

Creating a platform for building student-faculty relationships like creating an app which consists of an discussion forum where total students and faculty get involved and the faculty try to solve the issues faced by the students.

Strategy #3: Fill the Emotional gap by creating Emotional bonds between student community and faculty.

The environment has become artificial from University to Adminstration, from Adminstration to Falculty and from faculty to students.Only for the sake of living people are choosing teaching as professsion instead of  Love towards teaching and attitude of research. Thus teaching became a mechanical process creating products for the industry instead of abled, good and talented humans(students). The ultimate goal is to take this to the notice of government so that the problm shall be solved.

The college Magazine is a  "Traditional literary platform and organ of expression", By the students, Of the students and For the students.
Through Magazine anybody can express anything from love to Dissatisfaction, from Creativity to Innovation and raise discussions & debates.

Tactic #1:The College Magazine.

Biggest problem discovered is lack of awareness in the students. Awareness is created on each and every topic namely, Health, Food, Studies, Politics, Innovation, Entrepreneurships etc.,.No student-faculty interaction is because of no emotional bond between them. Magazine will create an emotional bond between students & teachers and also between their fellow students.

Tactic #2:Expose and Encourage Sleeping and Hidden talents of Students.

Students write articles, letters, poems,draw, paint, do cartoons and address on each every issue which we publish in the magazine. Thus their sleeping and hiddden talents are exposed. Coverpage importance will be given to the highly talented student or faculty which encourages them and inspires other students and faculty.

Tactic #3: Suggestions, Advises, Discussions & Debates by students and Faculty.

Talks(discussions & debates), suggestions and advises will be taken from the students and the faculty on the current issues of the Magazine. This will create Emotional bonds, Interest and spread awarness in the university despite of the departmental boundries. Also helps for the improvemnt of the magazine so that it will always be a live and Interesting organ of expression.

Date of Execution:In the month of February.

Strategy #4: How and why I & E (Entrepreneurial) activities need to be implemented in course curriculum?

Although it's been observed that many colleges in India haven't looked into any extracurricular courses rather they are primarily focused on the theory courses which are constrained in thinking abilities of students thereby making the students to get hired by other companies!!!!Why not they train them to hire people in their own organization????

                  As student focuses on theoretical subjects and not merely knowing of the outer world, he gets vexed at some point of time as being constrained at a single point. To bring students out from such situation Institutions need to take care that their students have to graduate with enough skills to excel in their lives.

Tactic #1:

                 Since there are no Entrepreneurial activities in the University upto the mark, Some activities or subject has to be introduced into the course curriculum, this has to be done very carefully as it has to stand apart from the regular course subjects since this need to bring about good change in students' career by practical approach rather than theoritical approach

Tactic #2:

                By doing so, All students from different branches will come together which can have brainstorming sessions and this leads to accomplishment of inter-branch communication and development of communication skills.

Tactic #3:

                When the course is in curriculum it's been considered a serious object and many updations to it from all perspectives will be considered from all students, academic planners, faculty,etc. which will surely increase in innovative actions. since any workshops, Seminars might not bring about a drastic change as being it as a course subject.

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