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Strategy #1: Changing Student's Attitudes on Howard's Campus

Tactic #1: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Panels

  • Description: Howard University students lack an understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship. The series of panels will be geared to sparking students interest in innovation. We will contact local and national entrepreneurs in all fields for a series of panels. 
  • Team Leader(s):  Attiyah Lanier, Legand Burge (Chair Systems and Computer Science)

Tactic #2: HowU Innovate

  • HowU Innovate, aims to integrate innovation into the undergraduate engineering curriculum through, coursework, extracurricular programming, and infrastructural enhancements. Corporate sponsorship will help in the advancement of the following, specific program activities

Tactic #3: Freshman Innovation Program

support the Howard University Pre-Freshmen in Computer Science Program (PREFICS). HU PREFICS is supported by the National Science Foundation. The requested funds are to add two (2) Ph.D. computer science students to increase teaching and mentoring support for the next three years. PREFICS is a three-week, virtual pre-college program for incoming Systems and Computer Science freshmen. The program is designed to introduce students to CS, some of its applications, the SCS department, concentration tracks, department expectations and opportunities, and basic CS principles. The program will be implemented using Piazza [7] and Skype [8], and leverages our “Introduction to Systems and Computer Science” course curriculum. Students will be introduced to CS through introductory lessons and assignments on Snap, AppInventor, HTML/CSS, Python, Unix, JavaScript, and Google AppEngine. An instructor team comprised of Dr. Nicki Washington, Dr. Legand Burge, and will lead PREFICS. All course material will be provided on Piazza. This will allow students to not only access PREFICS content, but also begin to interact with and assist each other through posting and answering questions regarding content. All sessions will be available via the PREFICS YouTube channel for review later. All material presented in PREFICS, including course content and sessions, requires a basic computer with Internet access. A virtual implementation of PREFICS was chosen for the following reasons. First, the financial costs associated with housing, meals, insurance, etc. for approximately 25 incoming SCS freshmen per year was beyond the scope of this funding opportunity. In addition, it removes the financial strain associated with travel to and from Washington, DC that students and families would incur. All incoming students are provided the opportunity to participate in this program, thereby eliminating selection of a small few or only those who can afford to travel. PIs: Dr. Nicki Washington, Dr. Legand Burge

Strategy #2: Empowering Student Innovators at Howard

Tactic #1: Student Run Inccubator

  • Description:  Many students have great ideas. However, Howard currently has no inccubator services. Students have no where to turn to with their ideas. The student run inncubator will make use of strategic resources such as KickStarter in order to push student ventures. 

Tactic #2: MakerSpace

As part of the HowU Innovate initiative, CEACS recently won an NSF award to create a maker space. In addition, the interim President has also contributed funding to support renovations for the maker space. The maker space is projected to launch in October 2014.

 The maker space will be the catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship on the campus through formal and informal experiences that engage students in creativity, design thinking, rapid prototyping, and collaboration. The maker space will support courses such as Introduction to Engineering, Senior Capstone, and the Lean LaunchPad. In addition, the maker space will offer workshops and support extra-curricular events that foster creativity and design through entrepreneurship and innovation. 

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