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Creation of an Innovation Cell at the campus

It's not all about ideas, it's about making ideas happen. So to encourage students towards innovation, an INNOVATION CELL need to be started. Follow are the few agendas that will help out to implement this idea.

1. First of all, the actual motto i.e. To develop the innovativeness in  students, should be made clear to the students so that they show interest in the Cell. They should not fell this as a burden to them.

2.  Secondly, the challenge is to build up different clubs under this Cell like Design club, Coders Club, Communicators Club, Management Club, etc. A student from final year will be declared as a leader to each group.

3. The students starting from 2nd year can get enrolled in any club. But the enrolment will be done by the leader based on the guidelines of the club. A student who's communication skill is not powerful shall not be allowed to enrol in the Communication Club.

4. Once the clubs are formed, weekly assignments will be given which will be fun to do. Every Saturday, evaluation will be done. Based on the progress of a student, he/she will get grades which will help them out in their academic assessment.

5. Each leader will choose a sub-leader. When the leader will be graduated, his sub-leader can take the incharge of the Club.



Providing the students a platform to build a project that would be actually useful to the campus. The students are the one who knows the problems that everyone is facing at the campus. 

1. Each department will be provide a leader. If anyone from the class has an idea to implement at college, he/she can represent it to the leader. The leader can then put up this idea in front of the management team.

2. Once the project is been approved by the management, the student/s can start working under the guidance of a faculty leader.

3. The aid to the project will be provided by the college.

4. The college will be starting the strategy once the Winter examination gets over.



Inter-disciplinary projects

"To many cook spoil the food". This maybe true in some of the cases. But in the case of Innovation, this statement is contradictory. 

1. Finding the students from different department having same interest and encouraging them to come up with an inter-disciplinary project.

2. To bring the students together, a club will be organized to bring students from different department under one roof and interact with each other.

3. This club will be active in the starting of academic year, which will help them to decide their final year project.



Student Development Drive 

1. Weekly session will be organized in the auditorium which will include students from all department for about 2 hours.

2. Every week a group will be generated randomly which will have to present a presentation next week to other students. 

3. The group can organize a one-day expert talk, or also can give a presentation on how to develop educational skills or management skill.

4. This will help them to improve their CS and will boost their confidence and help rest of students to learn something new every week.

5. The campus is planning to start the drive from the next month.



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