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Strategy #1: Increase experiential learning opportunities 

Applied Design Thinking Course: Implement a design thinking course within the Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship program to fill the gap in experiential learning opportunities at Duke and give students a chance to learn by doing. The goal is to get students comfortable with ideation and rapid prototyping, and then to partner with a local nonprofit to implement an innovative product/process. 


Buy-in on the course structure - April 2018

Choosing an instructor - Summer 2018

Finalize syllabus - Summer 2018

Engage local nonprofits - Fall 2018

Strategy #2: Increase student awareness of Innovation & Entrepreneurship resources on campus

Through research, we found that there are multiple I&E resources already on campus, but there is limited awareness of these resources. We would like to raise awareness by addressing these resources before the students even come on campus. We would include information on an "unofficial" design thinking concentration on the Incoming Student Website, so that students have a list of courses, workshops, and other resources available both on campus and in the local community. This roadmap consolidates all the available opportunities in one place for students to access and help guide their journey once school begins.

University Innovation Fellows: Winny Arindrani, Zoe De Bruycker, Griffin Mueller, Justin Tang