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The 2021 CSU UIF Cohort's strategic priorities are to "co-create, collaborate, change, and continue"

We plan on doing so by working towards the following goals:

1. co-create innovative and effective pedagogy for 4 proposed Advanced Technology in Society courses that make up a graduate certificate program. (Classes available Fall 2022 or Spring 2023). 2. Longer term, develop an Advanced Technology in Society minor for undergraduates (2023).

    Tactics include: Get approval via departments/Curriculog; Get administration's support for co-teaching courses across disciplines; Visit/research other schools for creative pedagogy; Brainstorm, develop, and test innovative pedagogy together; Market curriculum. For the ATS undergraduate degree, tactics include: learning from the grad program; Researching and visiting other universities to understand what is already out there; Identifying gaps and needs for the program.

3. collaborate with stakeholders across campus to develop a broader Advanced Technology in Society Initiative. (Concurrent, over next several years)

    Tactics include: ID supporting activities (such as podcasts, transdisciplinary research projects, and a community forum) we want to prioritize; Get wider group of stakeholders involved and excited; Identify and apply for funding; and Get support from administration.

4. change and continue to develop a framework for the future of transdisciplinary and inter-university work as well as an innovation mindset for CSU. (Long-term)

    Tactics include: Research how other pioneering schools (such as ASU and VT) are incorporating transdisciplinary curricula; Prove that this can be successful via our Advanced Technology in Society work; Understand restrictions for state-funded school like CSU; Push for continued student-led innovation on campus; Get key stakeholders on board; and identify potential routes for funding/restructuring.