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Bowie State University has several core values, including inclusivity and innovation. Bowie State University is intentional about creating a community that encourages involvement, respect, and connection among students, faculty, staff, and administrators regardless of differences of race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, culture, sexual orientation, religion, age, and disability[1]. Bowie State University aspires to infuse innovative practices into academic and administrative functions by encouraging students, faculty, staff, and administrators to utilize best practices and pursue new opportunities[2]. Our team priorities are to build on these values by ensuring commuter students have access to the university's resources and are included at the university's events. Commuter students are those students who, including but not limited to; live off-campus, are part-time, are pursuing graduate degrees or certificates, and/or have children.

Student Priorities

I. Ensure commuter students are able to access campus events. We recommend re-designing the university's website to including a commuter student page or tab and making an application to ensure all students are informed about the university's events.

II. Ensure that commuter students have a lounge on campus. We recommend the use of one or more existing spaces on campus. For example, we think the student lounge in the business building can be renovated and put back in use for commuter students. This will help the students to have a space to eat, study and do homework.

III. Ensure that students with children are able to attend classes and events. We recommend the creation of a childcare program with on-campus facilities and volunteer, student staff. This will help to make it easier for commuter students to attend classes and campus events.

IV. Student Parents on campus diaper bank. Wen want to expand the current childcare program by finding a way to get diapers donated. We also want to find better ways get the word out to students about the program.