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Bethune-Cookman Student Priorites

To fulfill our mission the Bethune-Cookman UIF Candidates will work diligently to building a productive relationship between graudate students and undergrads. Bethune-Cookman's School of Graduate studies offers Master of Science degrees in Transformative Leadership, Counseling Psychology, Criminal Justice Administration, and Integrated Environmental Science. The candidate and their supporting faculty members will leverage the graduate students as a resource to build each of it's initiatives.

Tent X (Danielle Gaskins, Junior) 

The Tent X is a mobile Maker Space/Laboratory where students and researchers may transcend the confines of the in-the-building learning spaces on campus. The Tent X is hoped to be a vehicle where faculty and student can “Bring the Lab to where the Science Happens.”


  • Finalize a Project Budget
  • Assign Grant Propsoal Writer(s)
  • Lab Assistant Trainning Program
  • Tent and Generator Team Trainning Program

Tent X-1

Tent X-1 is a course on how to maintain various type of tents (esp. military grade tents) and electrical generators. 

Tent X-2 

Tent X-2 includes the science space course and mission readiness seminars to familarize student on the requirements of the most current field project and their Design of Experiment.

Science Spaces (DM Suja, Senior)

Sometime in the in its passed BCU had removed its physics program from its curriculum. This has left the Science building with an entire used floor and about a million dollars’ worth of equipment. The leadership circle is looking to use these labs as Maker Spaces, beginning the project with a series of workshops where students from any major can learn about the advent of different type of science equipment and also learn how to use them by using them.


Android Development Lab (Fatin Cooper, sophomore)

The Electronic Media Development Lab will begin as an android development lab where students can engage in project where products are being developed for patent and to market. The candidates hope to secure a computer laboratory where those interested in tech may again hands on learning about software product life-cycles and write 100,000s of lines of code before they graduate and enter the workforce.


  • Resevring a Secure Lab
  • Secure Lab Funding
  • Secure Project & Research Funding
  • Hire Patent Attorney (Consulting)
  • Hiring and Graduate Programmer
  • Organizing the 4 Desing & Coding Teams

The Lab 

The Electronic Media development Laboratory will consist of no less than 10 dedicated systems. System must be dedicated to application coding, interface design, graphic design, web design, and backend web coding. 

Application Design

Application Design is a research centered workshop. Members of the application design workshop work out the engineering of a program's interactivity and functionality. Memeber will have to consider important things such as security, compatability, user interaction, and housekeeping. The App Design Team will have to devep a dialogue and general understanding of andriod APIs, device and computer hardware, and extensive understanding of market trends. 

Program Design

Program Desing is a research centered workshop. Members of the program workshop need to develop a deep understanding of java, c, some machine language, and a general understanding of logic theory. The program team will have to have some practice is write code but will focus mainly on design straetegy and theory suchas; Software systems, Mobile System, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Algorythms and Theory, Human-Computer Interaction and Visualization, etc.

Prototype Programing

The prototpe programing workshop is a "practical workshop"; students in this workshop will have to produce for themselves a portion of the end product for a particular step in the project. Protstype programing involves graphical design and coding. the Prototype workshop will work closely with the application design team and will learn languages such as  HTML, DHTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc. 

Software Coding

The Software coding workshop is a "practical workshop" and students engage in projects will have to complete a "certificate level" requiement during the cousre of the project. This invloves writing writing or remving tens of thousands of lines of code at minimum. Most concentrate of a particular language, but will also require a 'practical level' of knowledge in other languages that may be relevant to the project.  

BCU-Trivium (Fatin Cooper, Sophomore; Roslyn O’Neal, sophomore)

The Trivium is an interdisciplinary conference where student and faculty of different major may collaborate to place learning and education contexts, so that students may gather a better understanding of what they needed to meet their professional goals.

Projects– Project are opportunities where students and can get hand-on involvement in startup and tech transfer.   

Workshops – The workshop are opportunities for cross education training. Hopefully Business and Engineering may collaborate for entrepreneurial insight into science and technology fields, or, Engineering and Liberal Arts may collaborate in order the laydown the groundwork for a design course.

Seminars – Subject matter experts, Business and Community Leaders may talk to students about current and relevant issues. This should be an opportunity to further enrich the B-CU student’s academic experience and hopefully inspire students and faculty memebers.


  • Holding an Interest Meeting with the Deparment Heads & Leadership Cirlce & Entrepreneursihp and Innovation Ambassadors & Administrative Supporters
  • Design a Trivium Staff "Page Program"
  • Create a Meeting Space Schedule and Register
  • Organize Enigneering and Liberal Arts Pre-Inncubator/Mixer
  • Establish Research Skill Enhancement Workshop

Wildcat Buzz Feed (Fatin Cooper, Sophomore; Dm Suja Senior)

Hope to get the Mass Communications department engaged in creating Media and Social Media to promote the programs established by the leadership circles. These initiatives will be beneficial to students as far as experience and education, but it will be of more help to their careers if persons, namely employers, know about them or had a place where they could see these programs at work and their benefits. 

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