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Uncharted, formerly known as the Unreasonable Institute, is a coordinated effort of over 2,000 people from 24 different countries working to solve specific problems and create a lasting impact. They do this through creating a network of talented entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and partners who share a common vision of innovation. Their purpose is "to unite and resource the people most likely to put a dent in our biggest problems.” They aim to achieve this by recruiting globally and sponsor teams through a crowdfunding platform. This allows individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds to connect and get involved. Bridging this socioeconomic gap allows the organization to recruit many brilliant and diverse minds together to tackle difficult problems. They currently have had teams representing 37 countries and have opened their institute in Mexico (Aguascalientes, Mexico) and East Africa (Kampala, Uganda)


Uncharted was co-founded in Boulder, Colorado by Teju Ravilochan, Tyler Hartung, and Daniel Epstein, with additional help from Nikhil Dandavati and Vladimir Dubovskiy in January 2009. By May of 2010, Uncharted had run its first global institute, which included contributions from 15 countries. The organization continued to grow and by May 2015 the company created a new financial plan switching from a revenue sharing model to a sustainable and scalable revenue model. In June of 2016 Uncharted ran their first issue specific program the “Early Childhood Accelerator” through a partnership with Gary Community Investments. In 2017 they created, and ran the Future Cities Accelerator. This is a program designed to fastrack solutions to aid impoverished people in US cities. They are also currently working on a “Food Access Program”  in Denver, Colorado to provide healthy food to low-income communities. This growth has lead them to re-brand the company in July of 2017.

Approach to Solving Problems

Uncharted solves global issues, including Cities & Urbanization, Economic Enpowerment, Education, Environmental Sustainability, Healthcare, and Justice & Civil Liberties. After first identifying problems within a local, global, or national scale, they connect entrepreneurs currently working on the issue with mentors. These mentors may include, but are not limited to, lawyers, leaders in their field, CEOs, and many more. Then entrepreneurs go through a 6-18 month "Bootcamp" where they have the opportunity to address their issue and obtain measureable outcomes. The Uncharted Team and Board are also involved in the process.

Company Values

It is clear that Uncharted has high standards for the way they, and their partners, do business. Company values are the following:

  • Believe in people
  • Learn like a child
  • Be in the arena
  • Bring your whole self
  • Take the long view
  • Use all your strength
  • Remember to dance

How to apply to the Incubator

The institute runs from May 30th-July 6th

1. Submit written application (September-November)

2. Interview via Skype (December)

3. Additional inteviews with experts

Costs: $12,000/team or $10,000/individual however, all previous applicants crowndfunded their costs.

Eligibility requirements here: [1]



Mailing Address: 2330 Broadway St #107 Denver, CO 80205 USA


Global Institute: Boulder, CO United States

Mexico Institute: Aguascalientes, Mexico

East-Africa Institute: Kampala, Uganda

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