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The Entrepreneurs' Fund (TEF) is a series of venture funds created with an "entrepreneur-centric, "get on base", grow smart and score model. The TEF's model is an extention of the philosphy of its current Managing Director, Jeffrey Webber, employed from 1990-2003 as the founding partner of R .B. Webber & Company, Inc., which provided strategic planning consulting services to high technology companies. The series includes The Entrepreneurs' Fund (TEF), The Entrepreneurs' Fund II (TEF2), The Entrepreneurs Growth Fund (TEGF), and the latest, the Entrepreneurs' Fund III (TEF3), which is a Silicon Valley based, early stage venture fund focused on Software and Healthcare startups. The industry focus of TEF3 includes: digital media, E-commerce, healthcare and healthcare services, Internet, IT, life sciences, medical devices and instruments, and software. 



TEF is a seed fund which provides the initial investments to aspiring entrepreneurs. TEF favors serial entrepreneurs or successful serial entrepreneurs who come highly recommended by members of their ecosystem to reduce risk and provide the Fund with a proprietary deal flow. TEF focuses on getting companies on base by developing successful products and services, attracting customers, and generating revenue and employs active management, transparency, modest management fees, and meaningful levels of personal commitment ensure that incentives for all stakeholder groups are aligned. TEF has ensured its partners have become experts in the two industries it invests in most. They have each spent at least 20 years in business-to-business software, and Forrester Research forecasts revenue associated with Cloud-based B2B to grow from $40 billion in 2012 to $160 billion in 2020, and TEF will be in the thick of this growth.

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

One of TEF IV’s distinct competitive advantages in the enterprise software market is its affiliated consulting team. The TEF Consulting Group provides pre-investment due diligence and post-investment project support to TEF IV’s portfolio companies. This differentiating attribute has been a key factor in the success of the TEF Funds. The consulting team has broad experience in fostering growth and accelerating revenue in early-stage companies, and is expert in market-facing activities, including pricing, market prioritization, customer segmentation, go-to-market planning, Cloud/SaaS business modeling, and competitive positioning.

Impact Achieved for Students and Campus

The Entrepreneurs' Fund currently does not have any university or college partnerships. Such partnerships might be established by student startups seeking investment from TEF. 

Steps Required to Bring Resource to Campus

TEF favors serial entrepreneurs or successful serial entrepreneurs who come highly recommended by members of their ecosystem to reduce risk, so the first couple of steps would be getting affiliated with TEF's portfolio members:

TEF IV Companies
Blue Tiger Labs
Factor Lab

TEF III Companies:
Efficient Finance
Inbound Writer
Secret Builders
Trusted Insight

Past Portfolio Successes:
Commerce One
New Brand Analytics
Pilot Network

Establishing connections with these companies can lead to insights gained and lessons learned through the startup's experience with TEF.

Important Facts

  • $25 Billion - Market Value
  • 10,500 Jobs Created
  • 20 years + of succesful investing 

Contact Information

The Entrepreneurs’ Fund
1900 S. Norfolk Street, Suite 219
San Mateo CA 94403