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Team Venture Forth works on strategies to support teams to advance a specific opportunity acheive commercial success. Resources serving such university-based ventures incubate, accelerate and bootcamps. Seed funding sources and grant-writing resources, as well as pro-active and helpful technology transfer offices support venture teams seeking to gain marketplace traction and spin out of a University setting. Linkages to regional and statewide industry resources provide pathways to growth and scale.

Standing Meeting Time

Bi-weekly meetings, likely Wednesday after noon EST.  Still waiting to confirm time with rest of group. 

Team Members

Team Leaders:

To Be Determined, after we have a few weeks of work under our belt. 

Team Members:


  • Incubators, accelerators and bootcamps
  • Infrastructure (startup space)
  • Seed funding sources
  • Technology transfer resources
  • Grant-writing, legal and other venture assistance
  • Off-campus space
  • Regional sources of capital
  • Mentoring, business and/or advisory networks

Meeting Notes and Shared Resources

Meeting Notes:

This group will serve primarily as a forum to alert each other of our successes and struggles. The success of our group is dependent on the strength of our network.

'The format of our communications will be written updates online supplemented by informal presentations in a WebEx when necessary.  'During this time, students can offer up advice, highlight struggles, and identify obstacles in an interactive environment to which every student can relate and apply their needs.

The exact topic of our talks will vary, but we discussed focusing on: IP policy changes, curriculum changes, incubator spaces, and general visibility.

Lastly, we said that special guests/speakers could include former/current UI Fellows with relevant experience, I&E team members from on campus, Tech Office employees, etc. We would love to use Humera as a resource on a case-by-case basis, as we don't want to take too much of her time.

Realized Value Strengths and Weaknesses of Campuses Within the Team

Derek Dashti- Tulane University


- Good sources for incubator startups locally (i.e. NOBIC, Propellor)

-Tech transfer</spanoffice is easily accessible


- Need more incubator spaces on campus (Flower Hall only)

- Need more seed funding sources both locally and on campus

Brian Rhindress- University of Pittsburgh


-Active and thriving Office of Technology Management/Enterprise Realization

-Seed Funding Availability (especially in medical- Coulter, CMI)

-City of Pittsburgh startup culture


-Mobilization/awareness at Undergraduate level

-No design space

-Little collaboration across departments/schools

Bre Przestrzelski- Clemson University


-Extensive incubator or venture spaces

-Regional Small Businesss Development Center

-Two major sources of state SEED funding sources


-Technology Transfer Office is not easily accessible

-No mentorship through legal counsel, How-To workshops, seminars

-Student awareness of incubator spaces and other resources

Mary Wilcox - Arizona State University


- Ample resources for technology transfers, research, and venture creation

- Seed funding availability

- Large university/industry network


- Physical resources are inconvenient or inaccessible for students

- Poor collaboration across departments and schools

- Funding is inaccessible to students

-Katelyn Stenger - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology


- Strong history of continuous innovation in culture

- Resources available for students interested in research and physical creation

- Administration willing to evolve with student interests


-Poor collaboration across departments

-Students do not know where resources are

-No physical space for students to pursue entrepreneurship

Yifan Ge - Bucknell University

  • Strengths
    • increasing number of entrepreneurial programs
    • great support from all aspects of academic and administrative offices
  • Weakness
    • still early stage in entrepreneur promotion
    • relative weak entrepreneurial culture and participation