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TeachPitch is a collaborative and expansive network of information, ideas, and inspiration for educators aspiring to become great at their passion for teaching. Founder Aldo de Pape has created this web-based learning platform for teachers to have free access to various classroom resources (videos, worksheets, exercises, articles, lesson plans, etc.) to meet a customized need for new curriculum in a generation of curious and creative children growing up in a world of rapidly changing information.[1]

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The purpose of TeachPitch is to connect educators with each other, to build a trusting community of professionals sharing information and knowledge. The company focuses on quickly helping K-12 teachers by pointing them to the specific resources they need, but professors and educators from other areas also contribute.[1]

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

Through TeachPitch, educators are able to connect to each other and follow their material and suggestions (like LinkedIn).[1] The TeachPitch network expands to over 55 countries around the world, and continues to expand to thousands teachers who continue to share their experiences and content.[2] It is a quick and reliable site, and searching up a single topic can produce millions of global resources as a result, allowing teachers to continue learning through the ease of internet accessibility.

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Impact Achieved For Students and Campus

Anyone who is remotely familiar with the education system knows that time is a scarce resource, regardless of whether or not an individual is a student, teacher, administrator, or otherwise. Time is a major issue within the realm of education; battling an everchanging and/or inaccessible environment of information and a constrictive structure for what a student is required to learn leaves little room for educator exploration. TeachPitch enables educators to explore efficiently, allowing them to, in turn, teach their students more effectively. Educators who are provided the opportunity to take charge of when and how they learn further enables them to become an asset and an inspiration to their students and their institution. This could not be more important now, in a time where, according to a recent UNESCO report, another 4 million teachers need to be trained in order for every child to go to school. Empowered educators enable emboldened students.

Notes About How This Resource is Deployed

TeachPitch is used through a free membership on the website, creating ultimate accessibility and freedom for teachers around the world. The following videos published by TeachPitch explain the details and process.



Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

  1. Meet with a professor or dean to talk about this great resource about how it can help at your campus.
  2. Create an account and figure out whether or not it is a good fit for your college.
  3. One can contact TeachPitch if anyone has any questions about interacting with the interface.
  4. Create users for the professors and get ready to save time finding material.
  5. After getting used to the system one can then upload information for others to use.

Contact Information

1. TeachPitch Website:

2. Founder Aldo de Pape: @aldodepape on Twitter

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