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In 1999, Michael and Susan Dell setup a foundation with a personal contribution of a billion dollars and having head quarters in west lake hills, Texas and with a mission to transform the lives of children in urban poverty in the US, South Africa and India.

Stepped in India in 2006 and has been doing a great valuable service in giving high-quality education and improve family economic stability among India’s urban poor. Michael & Susan Dell foundation wanted to have an immediate, measurable and positive impact on the lives of individual children, while at the same time catalyzing systemic change. Partnering with organizations that provides a range of financial tools and services , from traditional philanthropic grants to mission-driven impact investments – using whichever strategy that can measurably prove will help transform the most lives.



Poverty in India has become urbanised. Urban poverty in India is over 25 percent; some 81 million people live in urban areas on incomes that are below the poverty line. At the national level, rural poverty remains higher than urban poverty.

The Michael & Susan Dell foundation extended it's hands to India in 2006 and since that it has been doing a great job in minimizing the urban poverty by taking steps that phenomenally benefit the urban poor people. Such as giving financial support aligning with the help of organizations like “JANALAKSHMI FINANCIAL SERVICES” .,a organization in Benguluru giving loans and showing a profitable way to urban women so that they stand on their own feet which indirectly supports the education of children and leads to the economical growth of the country.

With the help of loans people can start small business that leads them to be connected with sustainable market-based profits for this Michael and Susan partnering with a range of stakeholders, including governments, businesses, NGO s, implementation experts, community organizations and other philanthropies.


Almost 10 years ago, urban microfinance was practically nonexistent in India. The reason? Potential investors and entrepreneurs believed existing models of group lending that were effective in rural communities couldn’t be replicated in urban communities.

Foundation always believed that with the right product, focus and passion, coupled with relevant approaches and aligned investors, new markets could be catalyzed.  With that in mind, in 2006, they set out to start a strong urban microfinance industry through equity investments and grants to early-stage, high-potential Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) including early innovators Ujjivan and Janalakshmi. Today, the urban microfinance market in India has an estimated seven million clients.Promoting digital financial services because they increase access and inclusion while reducing costs.



Michael & Susan Dell Foundation playing an important role in women empowerment along with the government of India by enlightening them showing ways to start small and profitable businesses.

Foundation is aligning with the organization having similar aims. Janalakshmi financial services giving loans to women and the foundation giving training to give an overall view to start a business for women in urban areas.

It has also tied up with JANADHAAR BUILDING SERVICES and giving decent houses to urban poor in Banguluru.

Supporting in establishment of a strong, sustainable financial inclusion industry through equity investments in and grants to early-stage, high-potential credit and savings organizations working with the urban poor in India.


Every child —even those living in urban poverty— should have access to quality school education and, for those so inclined, a fair chance to attend and complete a college education. But that will take time. It is said that foundation aiming for 80 percent of the students in programs that support to reach grade-specific competency. Improving India’s school system needs innovative solutions, clear accountability and systemic reforms to bring about sustainable improvement in education quality. The foundation investing in innovation by supporting leaders in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations and, in parallel, partnering with governments to drive systemic transformation that delivers quality education to the underserved and marginalized urban families.


  1. foundation has been providing scholarships for students lagged financial support
  2. was helped hundreds of storm victims in Taxas
  3. Is helping in women empowerment also trying to improve quality education along with vocational training


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