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TechstarsStartup Weekend is a weekend event where entrepreneurs with various skill sets--whether its technical, business, or creative--come together to share ideas, form teams, and launch their startups. The 54-hour event is designed to help participants starting out with their startup ideas. For many participants, Techstars Startup Weekend is where their lives as entrepreneurs begin.

Since 2009, there has been over 4,100 Techstars Startup Weekend events in over 150 countries. Techstars Startup Weekend community consists of over 234,000 participants from all over the globe. Over 23,000 teams has been created. 80 percents of these teams actually continued to pursue their startups after the events were over.

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Techstars Startup Weekend sets a stage for the great talents in local community to connect and innovate. These new connections may be the new co-founders, mentors, friends, or even investors. The event provides the participants with the resources they can use to explore what’s possible, where they will discover their passion for entrepreneurship. This is also a great opportunity for the participants to learn the art of bringing a company to life. A hands-on experience, trials and errors, is something no textbooks can ever teach.

Techstars Startup Weekend has a goal for the participants to start their businesses and continue working on their startups event after the event is over, or at the very least, become much more prepared for the chaotic world of startup. During the event, participants are surrounded by many amazing people, whether they are their fellow participants with the same passion, mentors/coaches who are there to guide them, or the judges who are there to give the participants the honest feedbacks. The participants also have the access to some of the best tools and resources at their disposal. This is an opportunity for them to take a big leap in learning to develop the best businesses possible. Overall, Techstars Startup Weekend is an amazing event that will put the participants on the path of success.

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

Startup Weekend provides a quick-and-dirty, hands on learning experience that is hard to replicate. Since attendees are focused solely on their products and ideas for the entire weekend, with access to resources the entire way, Start-up Weekend can enable entreprenuers to conceive and launch an idea in under three days.

Hilightable differences include:

  • Faster pace than other resources
  • Focus primarily on mobile/web/IT/service products; products that can be built and launched in a relatively short timeframe, without safety, design, or material concerns
  • Focus primarily on early business lessons; what is required to start and run business in the earliest stage
  • Provides coaches: experienced business leaders to assist and advise the startup process
  • Competition style event; not purely a seminar, offers judging by an organizer selected panel

Startup Weekend is focused on fast paced, hands on learning with little time for theory or lecture.

Impact Achieved for Students and Campus

Startup Weekend's website states that more than 23K teams have been formed, over one-third of start-ups founded at their events are still running smoothly after three months of business, and roughly 80% of participants are still working with those companies. This is an impressive feat considering their attendance record of over 193K alumni from 150 countries.

Startup Weekend teaches attendees how to rapidly develop and mature an idea. The Weekend focuses on the initial start-up of the business more than the long-term running. While valuable networking opportunities are sure to present themselves, this may not be the event for the seasoned entrepreneur looking for fine tweaks and coaching.

Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

Startup Weekend provides a handy step-by-step guide to bring the event to your city! Attendance at a previous Startup Weekend is a requirement for any prospective Organizers. An Organizer is responsible for organizing nearly the entire event, from venue and food logistics to securing judges and coaches.

The largest barrier to overcome in order to bring Startup Weekend to your campus or city is the requirement for an Organizer to be a Startup Weekend alumni. Access to such an event depends on the proximity of your campus to Startup events and your willingness to make the journey to attend one - or to convince an alumni to come to you!

Startup Weekend presents itself as a simple, easy to deploy system; there is a variety of documentation on their webpage to assist in getting one set up.

Amongst the resources, a few highlights include:

  • Leadership and team building advice
  • Target audience & potential areas to look for budding entreprenuers
  • Financial information (planning, acquiring sponsors, etc..)
  • Day by day guides to suggested event planning

Contact Information

For general information regarding Startup Weekend, see the webpage at

For direct contact information, there is a form on the webpage at

Mailing Address:
1700 7th Ave, Suite 116 #147
Seattle, WA 98101