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TheStanford Technology Ventures Program: (STVP) is the entrepreneurship education and research center located within the School of Engineering at Stanford University. The center is hosted by the department of Management Science and Engineering. The purpose of the center is to accelerate high-technology entrepreneurship research and education for engineers and scientists worldwide. STVP supports academic research on high-technology entrepreneurship and teaches a wide range of courses to science and engineering students on campus. Outreach programs include annual conferences, campus-wide collaboration, and dissemination of teaching content through the Entrepreneurship Corner website.


For Undergraduates:

Sparks- A variety of pop up classes that relate to entrepreneurship and innovation. These classes are usually hosted in the evening and taught by lecturers or members of the entrepreneurship community.  

STVP Innovation Ambassadors- Students that volunteer on behalf of the STVP program to help encourage other students to apply and join.  

Mayfield Fellows Program- An intensive 9 month program that helps provides students with the skills and leadership skills for leading and growing technology companies.  

For Graduates:

DFJ Entrepreneurial Leaders Fellowship- A program geared towards students wanting to earn an engineering masters. The DFJ is an intense 6 month program these students participate in courses that will help prepare them for leading entrepreneurial ventures in their future careers.

Accel Innovation Scholars-   A program geared towards students wanted to earn an Engineering PhD. A nine month research program that goes hand in hand with the students area of interest.


STVP faculty, Ph.D. students, visiting scholars and industry partners are committed to basic and applied research that enhances our understanding of how new technology businesses, in both established and startup firms, form, survive and grow. These insights are then shared in leading academic publications, our teaching materials, popular media, and in the training of future professors of entrepreneurship.

The research of STVP helps deepen our understanding of technology entrepreneurship, innovation and business strategy. In order to do this, STVP blends theory with field-based understanding of the real-world challenges faced by technology firms. Multi-disciplinary knowledge in Stanford’s School of Engineering and its proximity to Silicon Valley both enhance the level of insights drawn.

STVP projects examine a range of topics, such as:

  • technology innovation
  • strategic interaction and competition
  • partner relationships and network formation
  • globalization and entrepreneurship in emergin economies
  • venture financing

STVP's research focuses on a variety of technologies with particular emphasis on information and web technologies, medical devices, clean-tech energy and robotics.


STVP works with many other organizations, universities, and governments to not only help expand its resources, and knowledge, but to also give its students more unique resources.

One example of a collaboration the STVP works with Epicenter a company whose goal is to empower U.S undergraduate engineering students to bring their ideas to life. Epicenter gives the STVP more resources such as classes, research opportunities, and access to communities of people who share the same drive. Visit the Epicenterwebsite to learn more. The STVP also has a global program which involves a lot of faculty exhanchange from around the world. Which helps broaden the STVP perspective on the world, and create international relationships.


With a catch phrase of “Venture Boldly with Stanford University” eCorner offers over 3,000 free entrepreneurship videos and podcasts from STVP. Focusing on Innovation, Startup, Culture, and Strategy the podcasts are a perfect listen on your commute. As well as quick ‘In Brief’ podcasts from entrepreneurs and leaders about relevant research. Check out E-Corner's website and its UIF wiki profile:

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Huang Engineering Center, Suite 004

475 Via Ortega

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305-4121

Tom Byers 
Phone: (650) 725-8271

Kathleen Eisenhardt 
Phone: (650) 723-1887

Tina Seelig 
Phone: (650) 725-1627

Executive Director
Matt Harvey 
Phone: (650) 723-6715

Program Coordinator
Nikkie Salgado 
Phone: (650) 723-2164

Operations and Events Coordinator
Lauren Crout

Director, Editorial & Marketing
Harjoth Khara

Director, Editorial & Marketing
Rachel Julkowski

Communications Manager
Michael Peña 

Director, Operations and Finance
Ryan Shiba
Phone: (650) 723-2164
Digital Product Management
Danielle Steussy
Production Project Specialist
Alli Rico

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