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Singularity Institute's mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges. They educate and inspire their students to make global impacts and be agents of change. They also have a vast international network making them a very powerful resource for driving international solutions.  Singularity Institute is headquartered in Moffett Field, California.  They offer three main programs :
The Graduate Studies Program (GSP) – convenes future leaders, entrepreneurs, and technologists for 10 weeks to work on team-based technology solutions to widespread global challenges. The Executive Program (EP) – dives into the tools that corporate specialists and entrepreneurs need to ride the wave of accelerating change. Exponential Medicine – explores the future of medicine with its intimate week-long look at breakthrough innovations in healthcare. =


"Singularity University, where the world's brightest minds convene to attack the world's toughest challenges."

—BloombergTV The goal of Singularity University is to positively impact humanity by educating, inspiring and empowering leaders across the globe to harness the power of exponential technologies to improve the lives of billions of people. Distinct Differences From Other Offerings Singularity University’s programs have a deep focus on accelerating technologies, their intersections, and ability to help solve grand challenges in a largely collaborative, international, and interdisciplinary forum. This combination creates a unique and intense educational experience that complements the existing graduate and post-graduate programs from which we select many of our participants. The core of SU is thier people– from faculty working at the edges of science and technology to participants from around the world, jointly dedicated to challenging problems in research, industries, non-profits, and more. Through their faculty, staff, and participants, Singularity University is able to revisit the curriculum each year, continuously discussing and building on past breakthroughs and applications of the fastest moving technologies.

Programs Offered

  • SU Graduate Studies Program (GSP) convenes future leaders, entrepreneurs, and technologists from around the world in a 10-week collaborative experience to develop team-based technology solutions to widespread global challenges.
  • SU Executive Program (EP) is a 7-day intensive and interactive program for “C-level” business executives, covering the technologies and tools that corporate leaders and entrepreneurs need to understand the wave of accelerating change.
  • SU Global Summits are two-day programs that showcases the opportunities of disruptive influences brought about by exponential technologies and global impact.
  • Innovation Partnership Program (IPP) is a joint venture of X PRIZE Foundation, SU and is presented by Deloitte. IPP provides C-Suite executives an overview and showcases the exponential organizational tools that will radically transform industries and society over the next decade and beyond.
  • Corporate Accelerator is a hands on program that pairs teams with startup companies to evolve a prototype into a viable product. 
  • Disruption Workshop is a session in which SU experts help teams discover disruptions to their work, as well as breaking today's paradigm to assist ideation.
  • Experts on Air is a virtual presentation a live Q&A with SU faculty on the cutting edge of exponential technologies and innovation.
  • Exponential Finance Summit is a three day conference that brings together leading executives, investors, and entrepreneurs to investigate how exponential technology is impacting business and the economy.
  • Exponential Innovation Program is a three day conference that exposes participants to new exponential technologies through a combination of lectures, hands on learning, case studies, and peer networking.
  • Exponential Manufacturing Summit is a two day summit where four hundred people are prepared for the dawn of the exponential industrial age.
  • Exponential Medicine Summit is a four day experience where top minds find ways to leverage how fast technology is moving to help reinvent the future of medicine.
  • Exponential Strategy Program is a program aimed at senior executives who are looking to identify a new direction they want their company to take and then enact a stratedy to help meet their goal.
  • SU also offers Customized Programs tailored to the needs of a specific industry and have delivered these worldwide for corporate, non-profit and government organizations.
  • Re[solve] is a 3-day Silicon Valley Meetup that examines solutions to educational challenges, energy and environmental sustainability, and food production and distribution. The program seeks to launch ambition change agents into today’s rapidly-globalizing world.
  • The Incubator program functions as a safety-net to cushion emerging entrepreneurs as they translate their visions into reality. The program offers tools and support to guide innovators through the initial stages of product branding.
  • The Global Solutions program helps catalyze future companies and harness technology to become a force for good in society. Recent work includes utilizing drones to deliver goods in low-income countries and modeling systems to predict disease outbreaks in tropical regions.
  • The Exponential Technology and Startup Radar program helps emerging innovators identify ground-breaking resources and services that can help further their mission.
  • The Field Innovation Exchange program pairs startups with established non-profits to collaborate and implement cutting-edge technology
  • The Foundations of Exponential Thinking program is an in-person meetup that equips future leaders with the tools and knowledge to maximize societal impact
  • The Global Impact Challenges program are competitions held throughout the globe that help identify and support start-ups that show exceptional promise for maximum societal impact
  • The Impact Scholars program provides an educational platform for emerging innovators to encounter cutting-edge technology and learn about how they can harness these resources to transform society
  • The Innovation Partnership program is a curated network of Fortune 500 companies dedicated to keeping pace with today’s rapidly advancing society
  • The Open Innovation Challenge program enables companies to host internal competitions to identify promising ideas and then proceed to further develop and prototype proposals
  • The Program for Exponential Leadership empowers startup and company leaders to develop mindsets that are becoming increasingly valuable in today’s uncertain world, including the ability to embrace complexity and ambiguity
  • The Prototyping Sprint program pairs small startups with future-focused companies and organizations to develop products and services and test-run them among customers.
  • The Science Fiction Design Intelligence Workshop seeks to leverage the creativity of fictional authors and creative designers to imagine a more globalized, equitable society and help usher in cutting-edge products and services. 

Singularity University GSP Team Projects:
During the GSP, SU challenges participants to design a sustainable global solution in the Team Project (“Ten to the Ninth Plus”), leveraging exponential trends, innovation and the power of entrepreneurship to positively impact 1 billion people in ten years. The problem spaces change from program to program, but will always be in areas of significance to the goals and vision of SU and the world. Tracks: 
The program concentrates on exponentially growing technologies areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Robotics
  • Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
  • Energy & Environmental Systems
  • Medicine & Neuroscience
  • Nanotechnology
  • Networks & Computing Systems
  • Design

The Executive Program provides an understanding of how these accelerating technologies will transform your business and your industry by showing you what is in the lab today and where the technologies will be within the next 3 to 10 years = Impact Achieved For Students and Campus = All applications are found online: or applicants can contact: and they will respond to your request personally. You must be 21 years or older. From media, a recent founding The bio-crime prophecy: DNA hacking the biggest opportunity since cyber attacks All of their media information and global impact can be found on their website. One of the biggest ways I think stuents can utilize this resource is by competing in their Global Impact Competitions They have multiple competitions from Asia to Isreal. If you win the competition then you are granted, free admission to their program.  [1] ''''Watch this link if you are the slightest bit interested, the challenges are awesome. = Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus = Awareness is probably the biggest step for campus. ===== To contact an SU Ambassador on inquire about the Ambassador program, please email ===== Also if your campus would like to compete in the competitions all the information is on the website and ready for you to start innovating and solving real global issues.  = Contact Information = = = The cost for the 10-week GSP is US $30,000/per student, inclusive of all housing, food and tuition, but does not cover travel to/from SU. We encourage and assist our participants to use their contacts and ingenuity to raise funds from donors, corporate sponsors, and other organizations to cover a portion of their tuition. The cost for the 7-day Executive Programs is $14,500 per participant. This fee is inclusive of all housing, food and tuition, but does not cover travel to and from SU. For information regarding costs of specialized Executive Programs, contact SU at The Exponential Innovation program costs a total of $5,000.  This covers the cost of sessions, tours/excursion, meals and travel to and from certain activities.  The travel cost is only covered if you stay at the partner hotel.  Lodging is not included but you will receive a disbount if you stay at the partner hotel. The 10 week Incubator program costs a total of $18,000.  This cost covers lodging, most lunches and every activity that happens over the ten weeks.  The lodging is located at the NASA Research Park and is provided for the first 7 weeks, while the last 3 weeks are remote so those who take the course will be able to work on their target audience. Re[solve] is another program that provides multiple 3 day immersion trips.  Each trip costs $5,000, which covers the price of meals, local trnasportation and the sessions themselves.  It does now cover lodging, but it does include a discounted price at the partner hotel. For in-depth information about all Singularity University Programs and Initiatives, see the specific pages for these programs on our web site: CONTACTS:
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