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Nearpod is an application that enables teachers to make class sessions much more interactive and engaging whether for long distance of local educational means. Teachers now have the ability to include customized interactive features when creating and using their own presentations. Nearpod transforms a generally distracting technological item into a form of increased student engagement thus resulting in a greater learning experience. Nearpod provides free and paid interactive presentations from notable educators to enhance the classroom experience. Students respond to teachers through their cell phones. Furthermore, teachers are now able to monitor their students and observe the classroom from one discrete, central location. This allows for simplified analysis of student results on an individual collective basis.

 "We strive to empower educators to create learning experiences that engage and inspire millions of students around the world"


While Nearpod primarily strives to improve student interaction and at the same time simplify analysis of a group of participants, it appears to have a lot of positive side effects. Exemplified in the case studies on their website, the platform reduces distraction in class, improved student performance allows for creativity, personalization, and collaboration, and promotes 21st-century skills.

Nearpod's award-winning platform is used by thousands of schools across the country, transforming classroom engagement. School and district licenses come with additional features and benefits

Distinct Differences From Other Offerings

Compared to alternative offerings, Nearpod provides an affordable, efficient platform for interactive classroom learning. With both free and paid versions of the program, schools from a variety of locations with varying financial priorities can partake in implementing the program for their students. Currently, one out of every ten schools in the United States uses Nearpod. However, as the platform is based online, Nearpod can be accessed across the glove to improve education.

Impact Achieved For Students and Campus

Nearpod provides multiple case studies to express the real impact and satisfaction created by experiencing the platform firsthand in various classroom learning situations. These case studies include:

  • Creating a curriculum that greatly enriches the classroom experience between English Language Learner (ELL) teachers and students.
  • Supporting reading comprehension at New Tech High in Napa, CA.
  • Making positive impacts on student technology integration efforts and school culture through Common Sense Education's Digital Citizenship curriculum.
  • More at... <a href=""></a>

One study, in particular, involved 20 teachers and 1200 students and concluded that Nearpod promoted 21st-century skills and greatly enhanced student participation. 

Furthermore, other case studies have found the Nearpod promotes class performance and limits distraction as a result.

Notes About How This Resource is Deployed

There are four simple steps to deploy Nearpod in classrooms:

  • Create or download interactive multimedia presentations on device.
  • Share interactive lessons with students.
  • Collect student responses through individual movile devices.
  • Monitor and analyze student results on an individual and aggregate basis.

Steps Required To Bring Resource to Campus

A key advantage of using Nearpod on campus is that it's incredibly user-friendly. The program works on all platforms of mobile technology including Apple, Android, Chrome, and Windows, making it accessible to the majority of students from all grades and in all subjects. All one (teacher) has to do to officially bring this resource to campus is sign up at and proceed to download the program. Varying payment plans offer certain activities through the platform. Finally, seamless connectivity with the student's own technology will allow for a unique interactive learning experience.

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